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Get the Most Accurate Oil Analysis with TestOil

Get the Most Accurate Oil Analysis with TestOil At TestOil, our goal is to help you get the most accurate oil analysis and other machine health readings that we can. We also want to make that process as easy for you as possible! Help Us Help You When you are setting up a program…
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Machinery Criticality Index–Major Updates Needed TestOil Survey Says

TestOil, an industry leader in lubricant analysis, initiated a survey of industry leaders on their current satisfaction with generally accepted machinery criticality indices and rating scales. They found the following:
• 95% of respondents said a criticality index is something they either definitely or probably need.
• 53% of respondents said they are not currently using a criticality rating system.
• For those that are using a criticality rating system, 52% developed the method in house and 48% did not.

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Trusted Oil Analysis Lab Credits Success to Lean Strategy

TestOil, an industry leader in oil analysis, credits its rapid growth and outstanding reputation to its disciplined Lean strategy initiative.
The Lean methodology, about continuously improving work processes, purposes and people, is based on three principles:
1. Deliver value from the customers’ perspective.
2. Eliminate anything that doesn’t add value to the offering.
3. Strive for continuous improvement.

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Oil Analysis Services Provider Announces 3D Printing Innovation

TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant analysis, just announced 3D printing capabilities with game-changing potential. The company invested in a state-of-the-art 3D printer to improve and expand client services and streamline internal operations. The innovation aligns with TestOil’s Lean Six Sigma operation.

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Biodiesel Content Analysis Test Innovated by TestOil

Ohio-based oil analysis company TestOil announced Nov. 25 a new test to determine the biodiesel content in conventional diesel fuel. The test was developed in response to requests by industrial customers needing to ensure the fuel they use meets OEM requirements for biodiesel content.

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