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How to Get the Most Out of Your Oil Analysis Program

https://youtu.be/dzGvOZAod0c Machine Criticality and Sample Point Optimization for Oil Analysis At TestOil, we know that sometimes getting started with an oil analysis program can be a little bit daunting because people don't necessarily know where to start or how to get started. In today's blog, we will discuss how our customers can get started and…
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Same Day Oil Analysis for Mining Operations Delivers ROI

CLEVELAND Sept. 17, 2020  TestOil, the industry leader in same day oil analysis, offers comprehensive lubricant analysis for mining that significantly reduces downtime for very expensive equipment operating in some of the world’s harshest conditions.            The biggest concerns in maintaining mining equipment health are wear and contamination. This equipment operates in demanding environmental conditions: continually…
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Lubricant Compatibility Testing

Lubricant Compatibility Testing https://youtu.be/GUJSu_rJUbs Is Your New Lubricant Compatible with Your Current Lubricant? This is an increasingly popular question this year due to the pandemic. Many lubricant suppliers have had difficulties getting their normal inventory due to various complications. The first step whenever you change oil types or oil suppliers, you should always get a…
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Particle Count Testing Webinar to be Hosted by TestOil

 “Understanding Particle Count” is the first installment in TestOil’s 3-part webinar series on Optimizing Contamination Control and it is coming up soon. One of the many real-world takeaways will be an explanation of why particulate is the most damaging contaminant.             The first half of this no-cost, live webinar will focus specifically on understanding sources…
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Used Oil Testing Repeatability, Reproducibility: Why it is Important at TestOil

CLEVELAND September 10, 2020 -- TestOil, an industry leader in quality oil analysis testing, explains the importance of test repeatability/reproducibility. These factors are critical for the validation of test methods and results—providing customers with the assurance that their tests meet quality standards.                TestOil President Mary Messuti explained, “Our excellent reputation within the industry is due in…
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Best Oil Testing Lab Built On Lean Principles

At TestOil, we are big fans of Six Sigma Lean principles—they affect everything we do, including our lab.  Most recently, Lean strategy was a key factor in our successful navigation of the COVID-19 situation.                     As a designated essential business, we were able to remain fully functional during the critical March-July period. With effective IT…
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