Acoustic Imaging from TestOil PRO to find leaks

Our Acoustic Imaging leak detection service uses advanced imaging and expertise to detect leaks in a
variety of equipment, including compressed air systems, industrial equipment, pipeline systems,
refrigeration systems, and HVAC systems. With our non-invasive, quick, sensitive, safe, and cost-effective
approach, you can trust us to provide the best solution for your needs.

What you can expect


As part of our leak detection services, we follow a set of steps to assess your equipment and systems, calculate the leak rate, and determine the cost of the leaks. These steps include:
• Assess the equipment and systems – an initial
assessment of your equipment and systems is
conducted to identify potential leaks
• Calculate and quantify the leak rate – acoustic leak
detection technology is used to measure the sound
intensity at the leak source and calculate the leak rate
based on the rate of decay of the sound intensity over
Determine the cost of the leaks– calculated based
on the leak rate, the cost of the gas or air being
leaked, and the frequency of the leaks. This can
include the cost of the lost gas or air, as well as
any indirect costs such as increased energy use or
decreased efficiency.
Present the findings in a report– received a report
that presents the findings of the assessment and
calculation, including the cost of the leaks and the
potential benefits of investing in leak detection

By following these steps, we are able to provide a comprehensive analysis of your equipment and systems
and help you understand the financial impact of the leaks and the potential benefits of investing in leak detection.

Realize Significant ROI!
By reducing the direct cost of lost gas or air and the indirect costs such as increased energy use or decreased efficiency, customers can significantly improve their bottom line and realize a positive ROI.

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