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Category Archives: Routine Testing

Oil Sampling Companies for Food and Beverage Industry

TestOil, an experienced oil sampling company for the food and beverage industry, understands the many benefits of oil analysis for this sector in particular. Surprisingly, some food and beverage companies are not performing oil analysis at all, yet they are all dealing with the same issues that could be reduced or eliminated with regular oil…
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Oil Analysis Companies for Plastics Industry

TestOil knows that nearly all plastics manufacturers consider oil analysis an invaluable tool. Capital investment can exceed half a million dollars for an IMM (injection molding machine) and today’s highly calibrated machines are more easily damaged by wear and contamination.                  A “well-oiled” IMM will exhibit: The fastest possible cycle speedUneventful operation for long periods…
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How to Interpret Oil Analysis Reports for Industries

TestOil Industrial Services Many companies are struggling to get and keep good workers in their industrial plants, which means that they do not have the resources for laborers who take oil samples from their machines. This leads many companies to forgo their oil analysis even though they understand that there is a 10x return on…
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Benefits of Oil Analysis from TestOil

Oil analysis is a proactive way to help keep your machine's health in check by making sure you are running your machines with the best practices. Likewise, your oil analysis can help you identify when your machine is not running optimally.

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The Importance of Performing Oil Sampling on a Regular Basis

The importance of oil sampling on a regular basisRoutine oil sampling is the key to a successful maintenance program. Oil testing provides essential information to determine the condition of your equipment. Baseline of normal wear can be established during the first few months of a program. As the program matures, only routinely scheduled testing can…
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