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Oil Analysis for Mining Operations Delivers ROI

CLEVELAND Sept. 17, 2020  TestOil, the industry leader in same day oil analysis, offers comprehensive lubricant analysis for mining that significantly reduces downtime for very expensive equipment operating in some of the world’s harshest conditions.            The biggest concerns in maintaining mining equipment health are wear and contamination. This equipment operates in demanding environmental conditions: continually…
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Getting Started with Oil Analysis: Benefits Include Money-Saving Advice

CLEVELAND May 26, 2021 Interested in getting started with oil analysis? TestOil’s oil analysis experts routinely save industrial customers both time and money with evidence-based advice on when and when not to change the oil at their plants. An example is a recent situation with Test Oil TestOil PRO team member and Oil Analysis Consultant Micheal Shaw.           …
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Oil Sample Testing Lab Relies on Lean Strategy for Success

TestOil, an industry leader in oil analysis, credits its rapid growth and outstanding reputation to its disciplined Lean strategy initiative.
The Lean methodology, about continuously improving work processes, purposes and people, is based on three principles:
1. Deliver value from the customers’ perspective.
2. Eliminate anything that doesn’t add value to the offering.
3. Strive for continuous improvement.

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Oil Analysis Kit: TestOil Offers DIY Solution

CLEVELAND March 24, 2020 TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant analysis, just introduced TestOil NOW, a sensible solution for smaller businesses, service sites, and plant operations that want to start incorporating oil analysis into their maintenance routines, especially during this period of onsite worker reductions. The complete test kit also includes provisions for extra sanitization.…
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