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Category Archives: Press Releases

Fluid Analysis for Electric Vehicles Announced by TestOil

Like their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, all EVs require several types of lubes, fluids and greases. While the performance requirements for EVs and ICE vehicles have some similarities, there are important differences that require specialized fluids and analysis.

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Online, Affordable Lubricant Maintenance Training Offered by TestOil

CLEVELAND Feb. 4, 2021  TestOil, the industry leader in oil analysis, just announced a leading-edge remote learning opportunity for anyone involved in lubrication maintenance that wants to improve their skills at their pace and on their schedule.The new program, called “A-Sync Learning”, includes 20-minute modules, some free and some with a modest fee, that range…
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Oil Analysis Alarming Limits v. Trending Limits

CLEVELAND Dec.  28, 2020-- TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant analysis, is one of the major oil analysis labs to use trend analysis in addition to static alarm limits. Static alarm limits (also called absolute limits) are a single unchanging number, while trending (also called linear regression) is a statistical analysis.            Absolute limits can be set…
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Reliability Contractor and Consultant Improves Plant Communication

CLEVELAND, Dec. 10, 2020  -- TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant condition monitoring, is announcing an onsite reliability solution, TestOil PRO, that drastically reduces disconnects between in-house reliability, maintenance and operations personnel.Program management challenges arise from a number of issues, including miscommunication, lack of time, loss of personnel and insufficient knowledge. TestOil Field Analyst Dwon Ruffin…
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Injection Molding Machines and Varnish Tests

CLEVELAND Dec. 1, 2020 TestOil, the leading experts on oil analysis for injection molding machines (IMMs), offers a comprehensive analysis for detecting varnish and initiating mitigation before it causes unplanned downtime and ultimately destroys the machine.Capital investment for an IMM can exceed half a million dollars. Unplanned events, such as a machine shutdown resulting from…
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