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Synthetic Oils – An Overview

Topics Covered:

  • How base oils are made
  • Differences between mineral oil and synthetic oils
  • API Base Oil classification

Understanding Particle Counts & Setting Target ISO Codes

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding particle counts
  • Differences between methods of measurement
  • Understanding test results and changes in data
  • ISO cleanliness targets

Sampling Best Practices

Topics Covered:

  • The importance of proper sampling
  • How to choose which assets to sample
  • How to choose sampling location
  • Proper sampling instructions
  • How to establish sampling frequencies

How to Interpret an Oil Analysis Data Report

Topics Covered:

  • How to review and analyze reports
  • Most common tests run on industrial equipment
  • Differences between marginal and critical reports
  • Deciphering alarms

Extending Lubricant Life in Your Equipment Using Lubricant Analysis

Topics Covered:

  • Optimizing test slates
  • Ranking tests
  • Understanding and applying extracted testing data

Alarm Limits vs. Trending

Topics Covered:

  • Origins and sources of static limits
  • identify the significant limitations and problems with the common perception regarding limits
  • proper application of linear-regression trending

Taking a Deeper Dive to Identify Mysterious Material

Topics Covered:

  • MIA testing procedure 
  • Significance of testing procedure
  • Analytical and sample preparation techniques