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customer testimonials
Lucian Szokai
Technical Operations & Radiation Safety Officer
Main reason that I enjoy working at TestOil is Dan Richards, our CEO. I truly believe that he cares about his employees. The second reason is that I am able to do a job that truly utilizes my talents. Every day is different and challenging and it keeps me on my toes.
Angela Ritchie
Inside Sales Manager
I have worked for TestOil for 8 years and I plan to stay here until I retire. I have never worked with such a great group of people. I feel appreciated and valued every day and I know my opinion means something. There is also a high level of trust and respect among my coworkers, which means the world to me. I feel truly lucky to have found this opportunity.
Same High Level of Service Across the Board
G. Nolan, Service Training and Safety Manager, Engineering Services Provider

I first began working with the people at TestOil in 2010 when I worked a very large company. A few TestOil employees came to our facility to explain how the testing was performed and how to read the reports. They were very knowledgeable, very professional, and very helpful. It was nice to get the information put in common language so our internal trainers could understand and pass on the information. Customer service was extremely helpful setting up nationwide access to our distributor’s databases. They were also helpful when distributors had trouble accessing their own databases. The service is always prompt and above all thorough. I don’t remember ever asking for something twice.

The online database is easy to use and invaluable when trying to help distributors and customers pin point a specific cause of an issue. And, when we needed it, the lab was always willing to rush samples or do further testing.

With that employer we had high expectations of TestOil and they were met. In 2014, I went to work for another company and TestOil was the oil analysis provider. This company was a bit smaller and so I never expected to receive the same level of care and assistance as I did when at the larger company. On the contrary, I have found that the high level of service given was absolutely the same. Customer service quickly provided me with special access to all of our company’s sampling data from all the offices, which has been very helpful to me as Training Manager. I am able to help technicians, sales and service managers to interpret their sample reports as we both look at the data together but remotely. This allows us to quickly address customer fluid issues and at times to predict and prevent major equipment damage.

TestOil has served this customer since about 2009 and has processed more than 10,000 samples to date. The company is a technical and engineering services provider for heat exchangers, air and gas pumps, air rebuilds, and pump system services.

Website Offers Useful Oil Analysis Trending Data
M. Jones, Reliability Services Manager, Lubricant and Fuel Distributor

Our business deals exclusively with oil cleanliness and additive life. Upon switching to TestOil as a single source provider for all of our testing needs, we immediately noticed the difference in customer service. Not only did our sample results get turned very quickly, but when we had any questions we had a great source to call in David Kirkwood. His level of expertise in the industrial segment along with the accuracy of reporting make doing business here ideal for us.

Their website is very user friendly allowing us to categorize our customers and do all the appropriate trending analysis. We love our relationship with TestOil and the helpfulness of its employees. We highly recommend them.

TestOil has served this customer since about 2013. The company, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the nation’s leading provider of lubricants, fuels, diesel exhaust fluid, and industrial reliability services.

Heather M. Vercillo, CLS
Technical Operations & Data Analyst
TestOil is my home away from home. Many of us get together outside of the office to celebrate birthdays, weddings, and just have fun. We’re a small company that is growing rapidly and it means a lot to me that I enjoy spending time with my co-workers in and outside of the office. I love that we all work together to create change within the company and positive growth. All ideas (no matter how crazy) are always welcome. We truly have great people working here and a management team that really cares about each of us.
Julia Piper
Shipping Manager
I have been employed at TestOil for eight years. When I started with the company our average sample volume was around 250 samples a day. Now sample days of over 1000 are more the rule than the exception. Despite this the company still treats every sample that comes through the door as our most vitally important sample and every customer as if they are our most valuable account. It has been interesting and impressive to watch how the company has always managed to adapt and evolve to meet the changing volume demands while still managing to remain a company that continues to value individual employees. As the business has expanded so have the opportunities for career growth for employees. I believe that everyone here feels that they are able to take advantage of these opportunities when they become available. Employee suggestions for improvements have always been encouraged and supported.
Excellent Support During A Critical Moment
E. Moran, Air Compressor Specialist, service provider for mechanical equipment and systems
I would like to take a moment to compliment Ashley’s customer service. I had an immediate need for support and used TestOil’s Live Chat to get assistance. Ashley immediately responded and got me the answers I needed to support one of my big customers. I was totally at her mercy and she pulled through for me. I was also impressed that she followed up with me later to be certain I had everything I needed. Thanks again Ashley!


TestOil has served this customer since 2009. They are a full service solution provider for mechanical equipment and systems in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. They offer energy savings and green solutions for mechanical systems, which include Boilers, HVAC, Air Compressors, Pumps and Filtration Systems.

Desiree A. Pierce
Accounting Manager
I enjoy working at Testoil because my skills, opinions and experience in my profession are greatly appreciated. The management actually requests my input on issues. I’ve been working in the business world (management and accounting) for over 30 years and they appreciate that. Employee opinions are all considered here, not ignored.
Rock Solid Instructor
N. Petrulak, Plant Reliability Engineer, Steel Company
“My only regret is that I didn’t take that class sooner. You had a rock solid instructor with excellent training resources. With any luck I can justify the need to get that kind of training brought to my facility.”
Lisa Casper
Customer Service Specialist
There are several reasons TestOil is a fabulous place to work. I can honestly say I have never worked in an atmosphere with as much dedication to the customer. The building is filled with folks who are always willing to go above and beyond to provide an awesome experience for our customers. The atmosphere is fast paced which makes for a positive vibe throughout the company.
They Do The Impossible!
B. Scherfling, Reliability Manager, Energy company
TestOil has been excellent to work with! We selected TestOil as our Oil Analysis Lab in 2005 after trying several other labs. The sample results are sent back to the site in what seems to be an impossibly short time. Any questions or clarifications are quickly addressed. The website has evolved over the years that makes viewing reports, ordering sample supplies, or interacting with the staff as simple as it can be. I would highly recommend TestOil.


TestOil has served this customer since 2005. They are an electric company based in Houston, Texas. It owns and operates a number of power stations in the U.S., all of which are natural gas-fueled or coal-fueled.

TestOil is like Chic-fil-a
N. Petrulak, Plant Reliability Engineer, steel industry
I certainly appreciate the experience working with TestOil. Hopefully you take this the right way, but I personally compare TestOil to Chick-fil-A…… The company actually understands, supports, and sticks by its goals, it staffs the right amount of employees, the right temperament of employee, supports employee retention tactics, and above all makes solid effort to make customer interaction as painless as possible. All of that results in a support product and superior customer experience. Which is why you can see a distinct difference between Chick-fil-A and most other fast food places….. and TestOil to other labs. In my 6+ years in this facility, I have worked with numerous vendors and only a handful have ever have ever impressed me. TestOil is on the top of that list, which is the driving reason behind attempting to get this program implemented before I leave. At the end of the day we need the help and you guys simply deserve the business compared the disservice the other lab has offered year after year. In my opinion, the better pricing was just icing on the cake.


This is an American integrated steel producer headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with production operations in the United States, Canada, and Central Europe

Testing Turnaround Time Has Proven Value
F. Rex, Reliability Manager, Metal Producing Industry
“There are several reasons why TestOil’s turnaround time is important us, but mostly it is related to the critical systems we monitor on a weekly basis. Sometimes this is due to the criticality of the equipment. Sometimes we have problematic systems that we need to monitor closely. We can always count on getting our oil analysis results from TestOil quickly, which allows us to react during the equipment downtime.”


TestOil has served this customer since 1998 and has processed nearly 50,000 samples during that time. They are one of the largest and most diversified specialty materials and components producers in the world with nearly 40 manufacturing facilities across the US.

Value-Added Benefits With No Additional Cost
T.A. Smith, Performance & Reliability Supervisor, Power Industry
“I am very impressed with the value-added benefits with no additional cost such as the same-day turnaround for routine samples and free analytical ferrography at a competitive price. Typically expedited processing and additional testing adds more cost per sample and at times makes it difficult to justify the cost-benefit.
Using TestOil eliminates the need for justification.


The free analytical ferrography on critical samples ensures the lab technicians are looking at the complete picture when providing recommendations, not just recommending additional service at added cost. If it is important enough to make the recommendation, TestOil takes on the initiative to run the test free of charge which saves me time and money. The email summary report with visual indicators and embedded links to the full reports is superb. It provides a quick visual overview for problem equipment with quick access to the reports. Also, the web-based database is easy to navigate, includes lots of features, and is periodically updated to make sure it stays with the times of fast-paced technology. Sample kits with individually sealed bottles starts the sampling process off right!”


TestOil has served this facility since 2015 and we have worked with 16 other stations in the company’s portfolio. The company operates power generating facilities in eight states in the Midwest, the Northeast and the West Coast. The company’s portfolio consists of nearly 26,000 megawatts of generating facilities that are capable of generating enough electricity to power about 21 million homes nationwide.

Extraordinary Service Makes A Huge Impact
L. Farr, Non Destructive Testing Group, Metal Producing Industry
“We have been very pleased with the services provided by TestOil. The same day analysis is extremely important to our operations. There have been several incidents when the test results have been critical in analyzing issues with a component and receiving them so quickly was vital to our program. The great service provided by the customer engagement team has been extraordinary as well. For instance, in the last couple of years we have had a multi-million dollar expansion at our location. This brought hundreds of new oil sample components to our program that needed to be added to our database. With help from Ashley and Jessica at TestOil, we were able to add everything quickly.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2008, processing nearly 70,000 samples for 25 different locations. They are a global leader in lightweight metals technology, engineering and manufacturing. The world’s third largest producer of aluminum, the company has corporate headquarters in NYC.

More Than Just A Lab – TestOil is a Partner
M. Barkle, Reliability Leader, Producer of Commercial / Consumer Products
“In general we feel that the sooner we can notify the operating and maintenance areas of existing or potential problems the sooner they can plan and react to the problems. As a corporate Reliability Centered Maintenance group we try to highlight improved equipment reliability through good planning and effective maintenance strategies. Early detection of equipment health issues is a part of that planning. We have used many different oil analysis labs, but they strictly provided a service to us. We never considered our lab a partner, until we started working with TestOil. We have a great relationship with several of their analysts and can call them if we ever have issues or questions. This has made a huge difference in the way we approach and solve problems.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2000. This customer is a multinational conglomerate company that produces commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers.

TestOil Delivers What They Promise
B. Welz, Senior Reliability Engineer, Power Industry
“TestOil’s customer service is outstanding! I have been doing this for about 30 years and there are only three companies I have ever come across that deliver what they say they’re going to do and TestOil is one of them. When we first started using TestOil you weren’t the cheapest, but to me, that didn’t matter. I get what I pay for. You guys are light-years ahead of everybody else in terms of service and delivering what you promise.”


TestOil has served this customer since 1994. This is a hydroelectric power generation facilities with headquarters based in Pennsylvania.

TestOil is in a League of Their Own
M. Appleton, Equipment Reliability, Chemical Industry
“Whenever we send an urgent sample overnight for next day results it is because we have a piece of equipment that we believe to have a problem that could cause a shutdown and we need to know as soon as possible what the lubricant looks like. The faster we get lab results, the quicker we can make plans to address the problem and avoid major damage to our equipment. We usually have maintenance people waiting to hear what the results are so we can make needed repairs or equipment replacements. Sometimes we may even have a failure and we need to know what the oil looked like so we can make plans to avoid that failure again. Other times we have equipment down for p/m and need to know lube condition quickly in case we need to change out something while we have a maintenance window to do that. No other oil analysis lab has been able to produce accurate results to us as quickly as TestOil. We also call the lab often for clarification of results and their analysts are always available and very helpful.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2001 and we have processed more than 100,000 samples to date. The company is an American Fortune 500 company, engaged in the global manufacture and sale of chemicals, fibers, and plastics. Founded in 1920 and based in Tennessee, the company now has more than 40 manufacturing sites worldwide and employs approximately 15,000 people.

TestOil Employees Exude Passion and Pride!
D. Sterrick, Rotating Equipment Group Leader, Chemical Industry
“We switched to the TestOil lab after a mediocre experience from our former lab. TestOil promised more personal service, same day results and ad hoc analysis capabilities so we gave them a try. This is our experience over the last 18 months.


The first improvement was immediately obvious – the functionality and clarity of their website. Their website includes label printing capabilities for each sample point, as well as tabulated and graphical data trends for all test data and exception reports. This was a welcomed change for us. This functionality was among the best of the labs we evaluated.


The most impressive part of our experience to date has to be the TestOil employees. Whether you are working with the folks that answer the phone, analysts, trainers, lab techs etc. – they are all very helpful. (The web chat even works!) I was even more impressed when I met these people in person at one of their “lab tour” days. The passion and pride that each person displayed at their station was readily apparent. All employees seemed to have a sense of how their role fit in with the overall strategy of the company.


TestOil has served this customer since 2014. They are a leading global producer of engineered polymers used to enhance the performance of products that touch virtually every aspect of our lives. They have manufacturing facilities is the US, Germany, France, Japan and Brazil.

Consistency You Can Count On
J. Robertson, Maintenance Planning Technician, Cement Industry
“I appreciate the quick reporting I get from TestOil, but I really value their consistency more. If at some point your lab was not able to deliver samples as quickly that may not be as big an issue as consistency in the report availability. In other words, if your analysis time increased in the future (within reason) I doubt too many customers would be upset by that, but if sometimes it took 24 hours and sometimes it took a week and you were never sure when you would get your sample results, that would be a problem. Being able to tell my plant manager with some certainty how long it will be until we receive sample results from TestOil is very helpful for someone in my position. It is also helpful that this is pretty much automatic and I don’t have to call ask about the status of the samples while someone is waiting for an answer.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2008 and has processed nearly 10,000 samples during that time. They are a large cement company with plants and distribution terminals strategically located across the United States and Canada. They manufacture a variety of cements, covering a range of ordinary portland cement for traditional uses as well as white cement, masonry products, custom-colored, blended and slag cements.

TestOil is a Company That You Want in Your Corner
C. Dean, Sr. Reliability Specialist, Power Industry
“I have been a continuous customer of TestOil since 2002. In that time I have worked for 2 different companies that both used TestOil for testing of the lubricating oils. Both of these companies have benefited tremendously by consistent quality and a very quick turnaround of our test results. TestOil is a company that you want in your corner. With a wide range of tests available to solve your problems. In my opinion their biggest attribute is the unmatched customer service. From the customer service department, to the analysts in the lab, TestOil always comes through for us. I recommend using TestOil for your oil analysis – you will not be disappointed.”


This customer is a 1,600 megawatt coal-fired power plant. The power plant design incorporates supercritical technology and $1 billion of emissions control equipment; consuming less coal to produce more energy, while achieving one of the best levels of pollution removal in the country.

Knowledgeable and Helpful Staff
C. McGann, Reliability Specialist, Metal Producing Industry
“We relied heavily on our oil supplier to tell us the cleanliness of our oil coming into our facility and at point of use in our equipment. We promoted within our company a lubrication specialist and started looking into pulling our own samples to have better control. Since working with TestOil, our team has a better understanding of our plant’s hydraulic oil cleanliness. The reports we receive are very easy to read and understand and they are trended for history verification on their website. Anytime we need assistance about oil sample supplies, reports, or corrective actions, TestOil seems to have a very knowledgeable staff and they are willing to help at any time. We have been audited on our oil analysis program and we take the auditor straight to their website. The auditors like the trending, technical library, and all the information that is available to us! Very pleased with TestOil and what they offer us. Great team to work with!”


TestOil has served this customer since 2015. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of wheels, and the number one supplier of steel wheels globally. They provide high-quality wheels for virtually all trucking applications, as well as military, agricultural and commercial bus use.

Trust That Has Been Earned
S. Bowman, Reliability Leader, Chemical Company
“I like the consistent service TestOil provides, as well as the access to my data through their online system. The email notification system with the links to the reports is vital to me because I can quickly send those out to the people who need to see them. I do about 100 samples a month. I also appreciate that TestOil works with me to get things done and they are very flexible. The one-on-one with the analysts is important too. I like that I can send them a message through DataSight and I know they’re going to get back to me that same day, sometimes in just an hour or so. Typically I just send emails to the analysts with questions and then if we need to have a dialogue we usually get on the phone pretty quickly. I really trust what the analysts say and I trust in the lab results. I have never questioned the results TestOil provides. I know I could send my samples to another lab and compare the two, but I’ve never felt the need to do that. I really just trust TestOil.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2007 and we have worked with 15 different facilities across the US. They are an American multinational chemical corporation headquartered in Michigan. The company provides chemical, plastic, and agricultural products and services to consumer markets that include food, transportation, health and medicine, personal care and construction, and operates in approximately 180 countries.

Bio-gas Engines: TestOil Has That Covered
S. Cizek, Lead Maintenance Planner, Water Treatment Industry
“The accessibility of the TestOil staff when questions arise has played an enormous role in advancing our lubrication program. In a number of instances the diligence of [analyst department] and others at TestOil has provided exceptional value. The assistance and suggestions we have gotten for engine lubricating oil for our Bio-Gas engine have been extremely helpful.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2008. This water reclamation company operates a state-of-the-art plant that includes primary-secondary treatment and the following advanced waste treatment processes: chemical clarification, two-stage recarbonation with intermediate settling, multimedia filtration, granular activated carbon adsorption, chlorination for disinfection and dechlorination.

They Answer My Questions The First Time I Ask!
N. Dingmann, Maintenance Lead – Power Industry
“I have found using TestOil’s oil analysis services to be a very good experience. Over the years, the web experience has improved dramatically; originally the site was solely functional with MS Explorer (desktop) and most features were not available to smartphone or tablet users. TestOil has implemented many changes that have made the site usable on mobile devices-which is a big help; I have been asked on numerous occasions to recall lab results while away from a desktop computer, but have a mobile device readily available.


Better than the web site, the people who answer the phone are ready to assist by providing answers to questions or by addressing any issues with sampling, testing, or understanding reports. On occasion I have spoken directly with the analyst(s) about an analysis report and we have discussed what further actions should be taken.


One thing that stands out is that the TestOil people that answer the phone are knowledgeable and are able to provide answers to oil analysis questions. A very annoying problem, that is common throughout various industries, is having an individual answer the phone who will start a process of phone call redirections that ends when you reach the voicemail of the only person able to address your concern. Then you wait for a callback. Although nearly every aspect of my oil analysis program can be managed from the web site, it is good to know that I am able talk to a knowledgeable person if I need to.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2008 and we work with 60 different locations. They are an independent services company dedicated to optimizing the performance of energy facilities across the power generation, oil & gas and petrochemical industries. We apply our deep experience in operations, maintenance, construction, engineering and technical support to build, repair and operate plants that run safely, reliably and cost-effectively.

Total Program Support – From Set-up To Implementation
D. Creer, Mechanical PdM Specialist, Chemical Industry
“I have been working with Mel and TestOil for the last 3.5 years. The TestOil team assisted our Louisiana location with streamlining our lubrication analysis program by setting up specific alarm limits, selecting what test package best suit our equipment, providing detailed analysis results, corrective action recommendations, and providing resources for us to track our oil analysis with our vibration program. Whenever we need assistance we can easily call TestOil and speak with someone in the lab.”
Lubricant Compatibility Testing Success
D. Sterrick, Rotating Equipment Group Leader, Chemical Industry
“One technical challenge we threw their way recently was to determine if our new oil mist oil was compatible with our gearbox oil. (In this purge mist scenario, the oil mist oil filled the vapor space above the gearbox liquid level.) To make it more realistic, we also wanted to consider residual oil previously condensed into the gearbox oil. Thus, we jointly defined a compatibility test with appropriate concentrations level of both oil mist oils with the gear oil – a 3 oil mixture. Over a 7 day period they heated and cooled the mixtures of oils searching for any precipitants or cloudiness that can result from incompatible oils. The good news for us was that we could confidently switch to the new mist oil without concerns over how the three different additive packages and base stocks would co-exist at the expected concentrations.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2014. They are a leading global producer of engineered polymers used to enhance the performance of products that touch virtually every aspect of our lives. They have manufacturing facilities is the US, Germany, France, Japan and Brazil.

TestOil is Simply Wonderful
C. Bryant, Reliability Engineer, Metal Producing Industry
“The customer service team at TestOil is simply wonderful.  They are all fabulous, courteous, and always very helpful. I have dealt with your competitors and in most situations it was a nightmare, very unprofessional attitudes.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2015. They are a global leader in the manufacture and sale of aluminum rolled products, with approximately 14 facilities in three geographically aligned business units in North America, Europe and China. They serve a variety of end-use industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, building and construction, transportation, packaging, and consumer goods. Samples are sent to TestOil from a variety of areas within each plant including the Cold Mill, Finishing, Hot Lines, Casting, and Roll Shop.

Training Class Made An Impact
D. Angle, Reliability Team, Chemical Company
“The class and tour was excellent. We are meeting tomorrow to discuss improvements to our lubrication program. We are going to push for onsite training for our mechanics and operators.”
Training Class & Lab Tour Meets Expectations
E. Cruz, Regional Field Maintenance Manager, Waste Management and Remediation Industry
“Thank you for hosting the training class. The session was very well organized, professional, and informative. Hats off to the TestOil staff for being so willing to share their knowledge and experience. I have already given my report to the corporate staff on how pleased I am with TestOil and their ability to process and meets our needs.”
Training Spurs Improvements To Lube Program
W. Nichols, Reliability Engineer, Chemical Company
“We thoroughly enjoyed the class and the lab visit. We are going to meet with management to discuss many of the things we learned to improve our oil program.”
Training Class and Lab Tour Exceeded Expectations
T. Hannigan, Reliability Engineer, Power Industry
“Just wanted to take a moment to thank Karrie, Tim, and the rest of the TestOil staff for a very informative and enjoyable couple of days. The format and content of the training was great, and the lab tour was a good chance to meet everyone involved in the analysis process, and put everything in perspective. I’ll be requesting management to make future training available to the Techs. Thanks again.”
TestOil Stands Out In Many Ways
G. Livingstone, Director of Fluid Technology, Fluitec
“Many of our customers view oil analysis as a commodity service. The reports from all the labs look similar and the results are similar. It makes it harder to differentiate quality, consistent results. However, TestOil is perceived as oil analysis experts. Your commitment to educating the manufacturing industry on the value of oil analysis has put you in a different category then your competitors. Watching the company grow over the past several years has been truly impressive. Great Job!”
Kudos to the TestOil Team
L. Farr, Non Destructive Testing Group, Chemical Industry
“Speaking on behalf of our Non Destructive Testing group, we have been very pleased with the services provided by TestOil. The same-day analysis being extremely important. There have been several incidents when that was critical in analyzing issues with a component. However, the great service provided by the customer engagement team has been extraordinary. For instance, in the last couple of years we have had a multi-million dollar expansion at our location. This brought hundreds of new oil sample components that needed to be added to our database. With the help of Ashley and Jessica, the process was much easier to complete.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2008, processing nearly 70,000 samples for 25 different locations. They are a global leader in lightweight metals technology, engineering and manufacturing. The world’s third largest producer of aluminum, the company has corporate headquarters in New York City.

Articles, Books and Customer Support – Oh My!
T. Winter, Industrial Maintenance Technician, Food Industry
“Everything is going great. I’m liking what I see from TestOil and the ability to call and pick people’s brains is awesome. That, along with the articles and books I’ve got from you guys, has been a big help in getting a better understanding of what I need to be looking at.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2015. Headquartered in Wisconsin, they are one of the largest sausage producers in the United States.