TestOil Lab Work
Employees Driven By Passion,
Dedication and Knowledge.

Our Company History

Eurofins TestOil has been in the oil analysis business since 1988.

We started out providing Analytical Ferrography services to power customers and in the early 90’s expanded our services. We have focused exclusively on assisting large industrial facilities reduce their maintenance costs and avoid unexpected downtime through oil analysis program implementation.

Our customers rely on us to be their technical experts when it comes to diagnosing oil related issues in equipment such as turbines, hydraulics, gearboxes, pumps, compressors, and diesel generators.
Our state-of-the-art-laboratory has the capacity to process and analyze 2000 samples per day. We employ lean process management to drive excellence and ensure that we maintain our guarantee of providing same day turnaround on all routine testing.

What Makes Us Different

TrustPLUS™ is our commitment to excellence in serving our customers. It defines our culture and is unique to TestOil. TrustPLUS™ was created to neatly package our service advantages into a communicable word which conveys the feelings and expressions of our current customers. Oil analysis without TrustPLUS™ is just oil analysis. Our customers receive much more than just oil analysis. They have seen the value of TrustPLUS™. It’s our foundation for success.


There are some things in life that you can still count on. We consistently deliver test results the same day, every time you submit a sample.


We know your time is valuable and when you contact us your questions are urgent. Our customer engagement group gets you answers, when you ask.


Ferrography is automatically performed on abnormal machine conditions, at no charge. Without it you’re blind to a complete machine health assessment.


We double check it, so you don’t have to. TestOil’s CLS analysts review all test results and if something doesn’t look right we re-test it.