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Category Archives: Advanced Testing

Fluid Analysis for Electric Vehicles Announced by TestOil

Like their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, all EVs require several types of lubes, fluids and greases. While the performance requirements for EVs and ICE vehicles have some similarities, there are important differences that require specialized fluids and analysis.

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Bearing Lubricant Testing Considerations

According to TestOil Field/Data Analyst Matt McMahon there are important considerations for choosing the best bearing lubricant such as speed, load, and temperature —how fast the bearing is spinning, how much pressure is on the bearing and the operating temperature range.                 Matt mentioned some general rules of thumb: 1.  The faster the bearing spins,…
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Injection Molding Machines and Varnish Tests

CLEVELAND Dec. 1, 2020 TestOil, the leading experts on oil analysis for injection molding machines (IMMs), offers a comprehensive analysis for detecting varnish and initiating mitigation before it causes unplanned downtime and ultimately destroys the machine.Capital investment for an IMM can exceed half a million dollars. Unplanned events, such as a machine shutdown resulting from…
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Particle Count Testing Webinar to be Hosted by TestOil

 “Understanding Particle Count” is the first installment in TestOil’s 3-part webinar series on Optimizing Contamination Control and it is coming up soon. One of the many real-world takeaways will be an explanation of why particulate is the most damaging contaminant.             The first half of this no-cost, live webinar will focus specifically on understanding sources…
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What is the Best Method for Used Oil Analysis?

There are so many methods available in the industry for used oil analysis, but it all has to start with one- Analytical Ferrography. With this remarkable service from TestOil, you can ensure the health of your machines and take action when needed.

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Used Oil Testing with RPVOT from TestOil

The Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (RPVOT) is a time-tested method for determining the oxidation stability of an oil. It is the most widely used indicator of a fluid’s oxidative resistance. Since it measures the existing resistance to oil oxidation rather than the oxidation that has already occurred, it is a predictive test. RPVOT is…
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