Oil Analysis

Not all oil analysis reports are created equal. Our clear, concise format showing data on 5 samples accompanied by trend graphs makes report comprehension and interpretation a snap. Our routine industrial report takes a hard look at machine health, lubricant condition, and oil cleanliness. It is favored by our customers as their go to choice in their routine oil analysis programs.
steam turbine

Turbine Oil Analysis

Turbine oils, particularly those used in steam turbines, are expected to last 10 to 20 years. While monthly routine monitoring may be performed, an annual checkup is highly recommended to confirm that the specific lube oil’s physical and chemical properties are still acceptable. TestOil’s Annual Turbine Analysis Report is a comprehensive turbine test package that provides a detailed analysis of the health of your turbine oil.

Filter Debris Analysis

When machinery components wear abnormally, debris is shed into the lube oil system. The filter removes as much as 95% of the wear debris from the oil. TestOil’s proprietary Filter Debris Analysis (FDA) is a repeatable, automated filter washing and analysis process that identifies the metallurgy of the wearing components. Filter Debris Analysis provides advanced notice of impending wear problems, especially in large sump applications.
Oil Filter Metal Shavings

Material Identification Analysis

When you uncover mysterious material in your lubrication systems standard oil testing is not capable of identifying what it is. For this application, TestOil developed Material identification Analysis (MIA) as an advanced analysis that uses various extraction techniques to isolate the individual components of the material/debris, then apply laboratory analysis techniques that lead to the identification of your foreign material.

Lubricant Compatibility Analysis

Although the lubricants may be deemed equivalent or comparable, that does not mean they are compatible. Contact TestOil about our Lubricant Compatibility Analysis if you are considering a change in lubricants.