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Category Archives: Program Management

Varnish Potential Analysis Testing

Varnish can be incredibly harmful to your machines and, if gone undetected and untreated, can cause critical issues in production. Varnish cannot be accurately measured using typical oil analysis, so we at TestOil have developed a Varnish Potential Analysis Service.

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The Benefits of Oil Analysis Kits

The Benefits of Oil Analysis Kits https://youtu.be/8umUfUwDiCE Many of our greatest services at TestOil, start with addressing the needs of our clients. We always listen to what our customers need and work hard to make their solutions as simple as possible. As such the TestOil Now sample kit started as a request from many of…
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Lubricant Handling Best Practices Webinar to be Hosted by TestOil

“Lubricant Handling Best Practices”is the second installment in TestOil’s 3-part webinar series on Optimizing Contamination Control and it is coming up soon. Participants will learn:   How to identify the best practices for outdoor and indoor storage of lubricants,How to utilize transfer containers appropriately, andThe best practices for adding lubricants to a machine. This webinar…
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Oil Analysis Alarm Limits

Oil Analysis Alarm Limits https://youtu.be/gb6TZXswUmg One of the most important ways to have a successful machine health analysis program is to take action on the data you receive from your lab. There are a few different ways to go about determining alarm limits, as well as whether you should look for static or trending limits.…
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Oil Analysis Program

How to Get the Most Out of Your Oil Analysis Program https://youtu.be/dzGvOZAod0c Machine Criticality and Sample Point Optimization for Oil Analysis At TestOil, we know that sometimes getting started with an oil analysis program can be a little bit daunting because people don't necessarily know where to start or how to get started. In today's…
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Lubricant Compatibility Testing

Lubricant Compatibility Testing https://youtu.be/GUJSu_rJUbs Is Your New Lubricant Compatible with Your Current Lubricant? This is an increasingly popular question this year due to the pandemic. Many lubricant suppliers have had difficulties getting their normal inventory due to various complications. The first step whenever you change oil types or oil suppliers, you should always get a…
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