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Category Archives: Program Management

Most Accurate Oil Analysis for Industries

Get the Most Accurate Oil Analysis with TestOil At TestOil, our goal is to help you get the most accurate oil analysis and other machine health readings that we can. We also want to make that process as easy for you as possible! Help Us Help You When you are setting up a program…
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Oil Analysis Trending vs. Alarm Limits

Oil Analysis Trending vs. Alarm Limits   Many static alarm limits are based on statistical analysis of a common grouping of machines under similar operating conditions. As long as machine is operated under similar conditions (load, speed, temperature, ambient environment) for a similar sampling and drain interval, the limits may have merit. [caption id="attachment_9345" align="alignright"…
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Oil Analysis Test Frequency Guidelines

Oil Analysis Test Frequency Guidelines There is no universal formula for determining oil sampling frequency, but most experts consider monthly sampling to be optimum for critical machinery.  However, when making this decision, it is important to consider the objectives of the oil analysis program. If the only objective is to perform condition-based oil changes, the…
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What is in these oils, and which one is better?

What is in these oils, and which one is better? A relatively common request to an oil analysis lab is to identify the ingredients in samples of new lubricants and/or determine which lubricant will perform better. While this is possible with laboratory testing, it requires vastly different testing than is routinely performed. The predominant analysis…
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Variability in Oil Analysis Results

Variability in Oil Analysis Results Two consecutive samples, at normal sampling intervals from the same machine, are never expected to have exactly the same results, but occasionally the second set of results appears to have either changed by more than a normal amount, or possibly have shifted in a counter-intuitive direction (i.e. gotten better without…
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Setting ISO Cleanliness Targets

Setting ISO Cleanliness Targets Part of a lubrication program involves establishing ISO cleanliness targets, whether for new lubricants, or for in-service machines. The two primary difficulties arise from finding a reputable source and trying to find an exact fit. A seemingly smaller concern, but one with greater ramifications, is defining the difference between a target…
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