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Category Archives: Program Management

Integrate Oil Analysis with CMMS

Integrate Oil Analysis with CMMS https://youtu.be/rn1irrG0yls TestOil is your go-to for reliable oil analysis program management. We offer many different services to fit your business's needs and loads of helpful information in these video blogs, eBooks, and more! In today's blog, we are discussing the benefits of integrating your oil analysis program with your computerized…
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Learn All the Basics of Oil Analysis: TestOil Offers Comprehensive Class

Virtual Comprehensive Oil Analysis March 9 - March 11 10AM-5PM EST Just getting started in oil analysis? Need to update your skills or just round out your knowledge?  Sign up for TestOil’s comprehensive online 3-day class, March 9-11, covering Lubrication Fundamentals and Oil Analysis. The training is invaluable for maintenance staff at all levels—especially PdM…
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Online, Affordable Lubricant Maintenance Training Offered by TestOil

CLEVELAND Feb. 4, 2021  TestOil, the industry leader in oil analysis, just announced a leading-edge remote learning opportunity for anyone involved in lubrication maintenance that wants to improve their skills at their pace and on their schedule.The new program, called “A-Sync Learning”, includes 20-minute modules, some free and some with a modest fee, that range…
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Bearing Lubricant Testing Considerations

According to TestOil Field/Data Analyst Matt McMahon there are important considerations for choosing the best bearing lubricant such as speed, load, and temperature —how fast the bearing is spinning, how much pressure is on the bearing and the operating temperature range.                 Matt mentioned some general rules of thumb: 1.  The faster the bearing spins,…
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Justify an Oil Analysis Program with ROI

Potential customers often ask about the ROI of oil analysis—how to convey it to decision makers. It’s a question that TestOil Field Analyst David Gawelek is only too happy to answer. “Oil analysis will detect a problem before it becomes impactful,” he explains. “It will also allow you to measure the cleanliness and moisture levels…
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Effective and Consistent Oil Analysis Work Orders

https://www.youtube.com/embed/Pztmcg110j8 TestOil is your go-to for all things oil and lubricant related to your facility. Our goal is to set you up for success to keep your equipment running efficiently for the full life expectance. One way we accomplish this goal is with the TestOil PRO Lubrication Field Services. There are five parts to TestOil…
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