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Data Analysis and Review Tool

One of DataSight’s most advanced tools is the Data Analysis and Review Tool (DART), a maintenance tool that gives customers complete and immediate access to all of their lube analysis data. DART greatly reduces the time involved to view, analyze and process the data from reports by bringing everything into one easy to use web-based interface accessible through DataSight™.

The tool allows customers to sort through their entire database using a variety of filters and searches. It is an interactive library...

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Analyze On The Fly!

Inside DART you can quickly review test results and monitor equipment in these important ways:

  • Review equipment testing history
  • Analyze machine condition
  • Access and Review recent and past reports
  • Update Corrective Actions
  • Communicate directly with the analyst who processed your report

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Power Interactive Tools

The interactive graphs are one of DART's most advanced features. Users can graph individual test parameters and expand/contract the graphs to observe specific time-based trends. The inclusion of alarm limits provides an assist in determining problematic conditions. An added feature is the ability to quickly observe corrective actions recorded on the graphs and denoted with an asterisk.