Lube program creation

Designing a successful oil analysis program can be a difficult process and maintaining your program can prove even more arduous. With TestOil’s NEW KickStart program, your team will gain all of the knowledge and tools to run your oil analysis program with more success than ever before. Our team provides you with a series of on-site and virtual visits coupled with personalized training to ensure retention. Your team will gain the confidence to perform proper tasks as well as determine the appropriate next steps to ensure your efforts return the maximum value.

What you can expect

Month 1

  • Initial Consultation
  • Goal & Expectation Development
  • Establish the Criticality of Machines
  • Establish Communication Between Parties
  • First On-Site Visit for Equipment Roster Creation

Month 2-3

  • Second On-Site Visit
  • Oil Sample Collection Process
  • Best Practices Review
  • Follow Up & Report Review – Virtual Meeting

Month 4-5

  • Third On-Site Visit
  • Audit of Sample Collection
  • Program Continuous Improvement Recommendations
  • Follow Up – Virtual Meeting

Month 6

  • Final On-Site Visit
  • Program Handoff
  • Final Audit of Sampling Process
  • Certification from TestOil
  • Program Manual

Learn what it takes to protect your assets

You have the drive, ambition, and vision. Use a partner to support you that does the leg work while you do the real work.

Oil Analysis Program Management

Critical Pieces to the puzzle

KickStart Program Guide