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Here’s Why Eurofins TestOil Customers Experience Success With Their Oil Analysis Programs:

Same day turnaround for routine testing, Remarkable customer service, Data double-checking, No charge analytical ferrography for abnormal machine conditions, and our Online portal DataSight

Same Day Turnaround Oil Testing
Same Day Turnaround

There are some things in life that you can still count on. We consistently deliver test results the same day, every time you submit a sample.

“The customer service and communication from TestOil is awesome. I can almost set my watch to when I’m going to receive my reports. They are very consistent and that gives me peace of mind.”

Jon R.
Maintenance Planning Tech
Cement Industry

Dedicated Customer Care Oil Testing Services
Dedicated Customer Care

We know your time is valuable and when you contact us your questions are urgent. Our customer Engagement group gets you answers, when you ask.

“I’m really impressed every time I call TestOil. They always get my questions answered right away. The analysts have even called me to make sure I noticed a problem with my testing. That’s amazing to me.”

Brent W.
Senior Reliability Engineer
Energy Industry

Oil Testing Data Double Checking
Data Double Checking

We double check it so you don’t have to. TestOil has a checks-and-balances system in place to make sure all test results are accurate. Test results are only reviewed by Certified Lubrication Specialists and if something doesn’t look right we re-test it.

“Work with TestOil gives me peace of mind. Their test reports are easy to read and I know they are looking at them before they send them to me. I’ve even seen where they re-ran the tests on a sample when the results seemed really off. I appreciate that they do this without even asking me.”

B. Stevenson
Operations Analyst Engineer
Power Industry

Free Analytical Ferrography oil analysis testing
Free Analytical Ferrography

At TestOil, Analytical Ferrography is automatically performed on all abnormal machine conditions. Without it, you’re blind to the complete machine health assessment. And, we include it at no additional charge.

“I received a report marked “critical” with the wear particle analysis slide images on page 2. I took that report to the machine owner at the plant and was able to show him the images. The picture told the story pretty clearly. There were large chucks of wear metal in the oil and this convinced the machine owner to take action immediately. I suspect that saved us from a machine failure!”

B. Jameson
Maintenance Operations
Food & Beverage Industry

We Keep You In The Loop on your oil testing results
We Keep You In The Loop

We keep you in the loop every step of the way. Feel assured that we got your back. You receive an automated email notification when your samples are received at our lab and the moment the testing is completed.

“The email notifications are extremely helpful. We do about 200 samples a month and I like to know when my samples get to the lab. After I get that email I can pretty much guess that I’ll have my results within a few hours. I can’t say how important this is.”

Charles B.
Reliability Maintenance Tech
Chemical Industry

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Easy To Read Oil Analysis Reports To Meet Your Needs

Eurofins TestOil is the oil analysis lab that offers fast results with accuracy and expertise. Our certified analysts review each report and offer meaningful insight. Review the reports below and contact us to discuss your specific needs. Along with oil analysis, we test fuel for 85 of the largest transit agencies in the United States. We offer coolant, grease, and hydraulic fluid testing, to name a few. See our Services for more information. Our reliability field services, TestOil PRO, can bring your lubrication program to a new level. Lubrication training classes for your staff are offered all year around the country and online. Private training is also available in your facility.
Eurofins TestOil is a full-service laboratory that partners with you in your reliability program.

Industrial Oil Analysis

Not all oil analysis reports are created equal. Our clear, concise format showing data on 5 samples accompanied by trend graphs makes report comprehension and interpretation a snap. Our routine industrial report takes a hard look at machine health, lubricant condition, and oil cleanliness. It is favored by our customers as their go to choice in their routine oil analysis programs.

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Turbine Oil Analysis

Turbine oils, particularly those used in steam turbines, are expected to last 10 to 20 years. While monthly routine monitoring may be performed, an annual checkup is highly recommended to confirm that the specific lube oil’s physical and chemical properties are still acceptable. TestOil’s Annual Turbine Analysis Report is a comprehensive turbine test package that provides a detailed analysis of the health of your turbine oil.

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Varnish Potential Analysis

Varnish is an insoluble film that coats the internal components of machinery and can devastate production. Varnish deposits are sub-micron in nature and cannot accurately be measured using standard oil analysis tests. In 2006, TestOil developed a solution to measure and report varnish potential for our customers. Today, our Varnish Potential Analysis is the industry-leading solution for varnish risk applications.

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Material Identification Analysis

When you uncover mysterious material in your lubrication systems standard oil testing is not capable of identifying what it is. For this application, TestOil developed Material identification Analysis (MIA) as an advanced analysis that uses various extraction techniques to isolate the individual components of the material/debris, then apply laboratory analysis techniques that lead to the identification of your foreign material.

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Filter Debris Analysis

When machinery components wear abnormally, debris is shed into the lube oil system. The filter removes as much as 95% of the wear debris from the oil. TestOil’s proprietary Filter Debris Analysis (FDA) is a repeatable, automated filter washing and analysis process that identifies the metallurgy of the wearing components. Filter Debris Analysis provides advanced notice of impending wear problems, especially in large sump applications.

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Engine Oil Analysis

Diesel engines are found in power generation, marine, mining and transportation industries. Their lubrication failure modes are substantially different than industrial equipment. TestOil’s engine oil analysis is designed to uncover lubrication anomalies generated by faulty mechanical issues as well as mechanical issues brought on by lubrication problem. It tracks fuel dilution (%), base number, viscosity @100C and coolant contamination. This report is ideal for fleet engine owners.

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