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TestOil has been a part of Northeast Ohio’s Weatherhead 100 Fastest Growing Companies for 8 years in a row and has been in the oil analysis business since 1988. We started out by providing Analytical Ferrography testing & analysis to power companies and in the early 90’s expanded our services. Today, TestOil helps large industrial facilities reduce their costs and avoid unexpected downtime through the implementation of our oil analysis program and the use of predictive maintenance. Our customers trust us to be their technical experts and to diagnose oil related issues in their machines. We receive samples from many types of equipment, including: turbines, hydraulics, gearboxes, pumps, compressors & diesel generators. TestOil utilizes lean process management to efficiently process lubricant samples and to maintain our guarantee of providing same-day-turnaround on all routine testing.

Every day in our lab, we are focused on our commitment to excellence in serving our customers. It defines our culture and is unique to TestOil. We’re looking for people who are positive and cheerful. TestOil offers competitive compensation and full-time benefits, including health insurance, 401K plan, paid time off and wellness plan.

We have a fantastic team and we hope you can join us!


Laboratory Technician
As a Lab Technician at TestOil, every day is an adventure! In your first 6 months, you will become proficient at running a variety of tests used to determine the condition of lubricants and the machines they came from. We provide all training internally and no prior experience is necessary. You will join a remarkable, hardworking team, that works side-by-side with industry experts daily. You will work for a CEO that cares about his employees and offers advancement opportunities for your hard work and increasing expertise with operating our state-of-the-art Laboratory Equipment. As a full-time lab technician, you will work approximately 35-45 hours/week, Monday-Friday. You will almost always earn overtime, as a tech’s exact hours are dependent upon the quantity of samples TestOil receives daily.
Job Type: Full-Time. Salary: $10.75 – $12.50/hour

TestOil is an Equal Opportunity Employer of all ages, races, genders, and religious affiliations.
Disclaimer: TestOil requires employees to be drug tested.

If you enjoy a fast-paced working environment and you’d like to be a part of this exciting and growing business, complete the survey below today!


Our Employees Are The Heart And Soul Of Our Company

Take a minute to read what they have to say about working at TestOil

Lucian Szokai
Technical Operations & Radiation Safety Officer
Main reason that I enjoy working at TestOil is Dan Richards, our CEO. I truly believe that he cares about his employees. The second reason is that I am able to do a job that truly utilizes my talents. Every day is different and challenging and it keeps me on my toes.
Angela Ritchie
Inside Sales Manager
I have worked for TestOil for 8 years and I plan to stay here until I retire. I have never worked with such a great group of people. I feel appreciated and valued every day and I know my opinion means something. There is also a high level of trust and respect among my coworkers, which means the world to me. I feel truly lucky to have found this opportunity.
Heather M. Vercillo, CLS
Technical Operations & Data Analyst
TestOil is my home away from home. Many of us get together outside of the office to celebrate birthdays, weddings, and just have fun. We’re a small company that is growing rapidly and it means a lot to me that I enjoy spending time with my co-workers in and outside of the office. I love that we all work together to create change within the company and positive growth. All ideas (no matter how crazy) are always welcome. We truly have great people working here and a management team that really cares about each of us.
Julia Piper
Shipping Manager
I have been employed at TestOil for eight years. When I started with the company our average sample volume was around 250 samples a day. Now sample days of over 1000 are more the rule than the exception. Despite this the company still treats every sample that comes through the door as our most vitally important sample and every customer as if they are our most valuable account. It has been interesting and impressive to watch how the company has always managed to adapt and evolve to meet the changing volume demands while still managing to remain a company that continues to value individual employees. As the business has expanded so have the opportunities for career growth for employees. I believe that everyone here feels that they are able to take advantage of these opportunities when they become available. Employee suggestions for improvements have always been encouraged and supported.
Desiree A. Pierce
Accounting Manager
I enjoy working at Testoil because my skills, opinions and experience in my profession are greatly appreciated. The management actually requests my input on issues. I’ve been working in the business world (management and accounting) for over 30 years and they appreciate that. Employee opinions are all considered here, not ignored.
Lisa Casper
Customer Service Specialist
There are several reasons TestOil is a fabulous place to work. I can honestly say I have never worked in an atmosphere with as much dedication to the customer. The building is filled with folks who are always willing to go above and beyond to provide an awesome experience for our customers. The atmosphere is fast paced which makes for a positive vibe throughout the company.