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There are many instances when program management issues arise.

 TestOil’s Sampling PRO can be your hands-off solution. 

 Lack of time, loss of personnel, or weak knowledge base are all examples of significant reliability roadblocks.

Our trained team of industry experts can maintain a meticulous oil analysis program with minimal effort from your team.

What you can expect

Step 1

Initial Phone Conversation

Step 2

Onsite Audit and Tagging of Equipment with Expert Recommendations

Step 3

Consistent Sample Collection Service

Step 4

Email Follow Ups – Featuring Report Review & Top Critical Report Results

Step 5

Annual Program Review – Featuring Program Improvements

take it one step further with:

Sampling PRO+

Find out how you can ensure that all of the work gets done, by adding on our Work Order PRO service.

Learn what it takes to protect your assets

You have the drive, ambition, and vision. Use a partner to support you that does the leg work while you do the real work.

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Proper Sampling Procedure Guide

Sampling Best Practices Animation Video

Sampling Best practices

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