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Best Oil Testing Lab Built On Lean Principles

At TestOil, we are big fans of Six Sigma Lean principles—they affect everything we do, including our lab.  Most recently, Lean strategy was a key factor in our successful navigation of the COVID-19 situation.                     As a designated essential business, we were able to remain fully functional during the critical March-July period. With effective IT…
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Global Logistics Solutions for Oil Analysis and Machine Health

Global Logistics Solutions for Oil Analysis and Machine Health https://youtu.be/BjZwGM2bj3s At TestOil, we have many customers in the United States that also have international locations, who would sometimes have to settle for oil and machine health testing and analysis in their region. This was due to long transit and turnaround times, cost of shipping, and…
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Logistics of Restarting Machinery

Although it’s tempting to just flip the switch, a little due diligence before restarting will go a long way. A good start is a visual inspection to check for rust, leaking gaskets, seals, cracks, proper oil levels and oil color.

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