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Inline Fluid Sensors v. Oil Analysis Lab: Which is Better?

In many applications, sensors and oil analysis labs complement each other perfectly. While sensor technology isn’t able to replicate the fluid quality evaluation that comes with a slate of lab tests, it will alert users to rapidly-progressing failures in real time.

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What’s the Difference between Synthetic and Mineral-Based Oil? New TestOil Webinar Explains.

TestOil, one of the top oil analysis labs in the world, just produced a webinar overview of synthetic oils. The webinar explains the differences between synthetic and mineral-based oils, their properties, strengths and weaknesses. Webinar presenter, TestOil’s Senior Technical Advisor Evan Zabawski, goes over some key points here.             While synthetic oil can be significantly…
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Oil Sampling Companies for Food and Beverage Industry

TestOil, an experienced oil sampling company for the food and beverage industry, understands the many benefits of oil analysis for this sector in particular. Surprisingly, some food and beverage companies are not performing oil analysis at all, yet they are all dealing with the same issues that could be reduced or eliminated with regular oil…
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Oil Analysis Companies for Plastics Industry

TestOil knows that nearly all plastics manufacturers consider oil analysis an invaluable tool. Capital investment can exceed half a million dollars for an IMM (injection molding machine) and today’s highly calibrated machines are more easily damaged by wear and contamination.                  A “well-oiled” IMM will exhibit: The fastest possible cycle speedUneventful operation for long periods…
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Lubricant Compatibility Analysis Offered by TestOil

TestOil, offers lubricant compatibility testing, which can help predict if mixing two lubricants might result in operational issues including: excessive foaming, formation of precipitates or deposits, and loss of key performance characteristics such as water separability.

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Getting Started with Fluid Analysis? TestOil Offers DIY Solution

CLEVELAND March 24, 2020 TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant analysis, just introduced TestOil NOW, a sensible solution for smaller businesses, service sites, and plant operations that want to start incorporating oil analysis into their maintenance routines, especially during this period of onsite worker reductions. The complete test kit also includes provisions for extra sanitization.…
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