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Oil Analysis Company Announces 3D Printing Innovation

TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant analysis, just announced 3D printing capabilities with game-changing potential. The company invested in a state-of-the-art 3D printer to improve and expand client services and streamline internal operations. The innovation aligns with TestOil’s Lean Six Sigma operation.

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Biodiesel Content Analysis Test Innovated by TestOil

Ohio-based oil analysis company TestOil announced Nov. 25 a new test to determine the biodiesel content in conventional diesel fuel. The test was developed in response to requests by industrial customers needing to ensure the fuel they use meets OEM requirements for biodiesel content.

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Oil Sample Testing Company TestOil Launches Charitable Giving Program

CLEVELAND Aug. 13 2019 TestOil, one of the leading oil sample testing companies, announces the launch of its charitable giving program, TestOil Gives Back. The first recipient of the annual donation was the Achievement Centers for Children’s Camp Cheerful located in Strongsville, Ohio.
TestOil Gives Back was formed to raise funds for local charities selected by TestOil employees. The program is managed by employee volunteers who plan, coordinate and implement internal fundraisers to benefit the selected charity.

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How to Interpret Oil Analysis Reports for Industries

TestOil Industrial Services Many companies are struggling to get and keep good workers in their industrial plants, which means that they do not have the resources for laborers who take oil samples from their machines. This leads many companies to forgo their oil analysis even though they understand that there is a 10x return on…
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