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What does AN/Acid Number Measure?

Are you 100% sure you know what AN (acid number) measures and what it reveals? Actually A LOT of things! According to Monika Malcolm, Analytical Services Manager for TestOil, “Acid number is measuring acidic components in the oil sample. These can include degradation products such as organic acids, esters, and salts as well as contaminants…
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Bearing Lubricant Testing Considerations

According to TestOil Field/Data Analyst Matt McMahon there are important considerations for choosing the best bearing lubricant such as speed, load, and temperature —how fast the bearing is spinning, how much pressure is on the bearing and the operating temperature range.                 Matt mentioned some general rules of thumb: 1.  The faster the bearing spins,…
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Particle Count Technologies at TestOil

Particle Count Technologies at TestOil https://youtu.be/lpVFrz2c2H4 Pore Blockage Particle Count Lubricant is pushed through a calibrated screen at a constant pressure; the flow decay is measured and extrapolated against a calibration curve to determine particle count. This method only shows hard particle blockages such as dirt, grit, sand, metals, etc. Optical Particle Count A laser…
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Oil Analysis Alarm Limits: Trending v. Static

Oil Analysis Alarm Limits: Trending v. Static https://youtu.be/zuAalR8LXbg At TestOil, we know that machine conditions are always top of mind for our reliability professionals out there. Today, we are talking about the difference between static alarm limits and trending alarm limits in oil analysis. Static Alarm Limits As the name suggests, a static alarm limit…
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Justify an Oil Analysis Program with ROI

Potential customers often ask about the ROI of oil analysis—how to convey it to decision makers. It’s a question that TestOil Field Analyst David Gawelek is only too happy to answer. “Oil analysis will detect a problem before it becomes impactful,” he explains. “It will also allow you to measure the cleanliness and moisture levels…
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