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Optimize Your Plant’s Oil Analysis

https://youtu.be/I3JXldMlgGo Optimize Your Plant's Oil Analysis A few years ago, it seemed like no one had ever heard of oil analysis, or at least they didn't understand its importance. Well, now the industry is really beginning to embrace the need for oil analysis, but the problem is that they do not know how to get…
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Global Logistics Solutions for Oil Analysis and Machine Health

Global Logistics Solutions for Oil Analysis and Machine Health https://youtu.be/BjZwGM2bj3s At TestOil, we have many customers in the United States that also have international locations, who would sometimes have to settle for oil and machine health testing and analysis in their region. This was due to long transit and turnaround times, cost of shipping, and…
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What is the Best Method for Used Oil Analysis?

There are so many methods available in the industry for used oil analysis, but it all has to start with one- Analytical Ferrography. With this remarkable service from TestOil, you can ensure the health of your machines and take action when needed.

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Used Oil Testing with RPVOT from TestOil

The Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (RPVOT) is a time-tested method for determining the oxidation stability of an oil. It is the most widely used indicator of a fluid’s oxidative resistance. Since it measures the existing resistance to oil oxidation rather than the oxidation that has already occurred, it is a predictive test. RPVOT is…
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ROI of Oil Analysis—TestOil Experts Weigh In

CLEVELAND, U.S., Aug. 7, 2020 TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant testing, offers considerations regarding the return-on-investment of oil analysis. “There are many formulas, but a simple calculation is cost savings divided by cost of program,” TestOil Senior Technical Advisor Evan Zabawski said.                 He continued, “Cost is a common consideration that prevents some companies…
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