Oil Sampling for Analysis Just Got Easier with the Eurofins TestOil Updated Sampling App

Eurofins TestOil AssetLink has always been an easy way for customers to manage their oil analysis programs by streamlining the collection and management of fluid samples. Now with updated features, it provides more key information and significantly improves labeling efficiency.

                Eurofins TestOil Reliability Concierge Program Manager David M. Gawelek, CLS explains, “The primary benefit to customers of the updates is that AssetLink saves even more sampling time. Our PRO Field Services team reports a 50-75% time savings using the new AssetLink. The bulk of this time saved is due to being able to approach a machine and pull any QR code-prelabeled bottle from a box and link it to a machine, as opposed to looking for the correct bottle or handwriting a label. All information that would normally be handwritten on a label can be entered directly into AssetLink.”

                Eurofins TestOil first rolled out AssetLink in 2018 and updated it in 2020. This new update not only delivers much more functionality, but provides a platform for regular updates and added features. “The app was entirely redesigned and just about everything has been updated; from the way AssetLink looks to how it works on the backend--including new security features,” David says. Highlights include:

1.  The homepage has been turned into a Dashboard with many “Quick Review” functions such as machine and lubricant conditions of previous samples, the number of sampled vs. unsampled equipment, the most common problems among those samples, and editable date ranges for those filters.

2.  The scanning function of AssetLink has been expanded to include not just QR codes. Eurofins TestOil now has the ability to scan barcodes and other types of codes. For example, customers can send Eurofins TestOil a database of equipment and equipment information that can be linked to barcodes. So, when customers begin using the app and scanning barcodes on the serial plate (for example) the information will populate in AssetLink and link to samples.

3.  One of the best improvements in the new version of AssetLink is the ability to add information specific to a sample. After selecting a machine and scanning a bottle, there is a “Links” page that allows the user to enter hours and mileage (if applicable), add freehand notes and comments as well as select machine and sample observations from a pre-selected list, add photographs, indicate if the sample could not be taken, and add the sample to a “Job Report” PDF, which can be generated at the end of sampling and shared with the user’s team to summarize the sampling job and any critical observations.

4.   Equipment can be added and edited within the app, and pictures can be included with the equipment information. The pictures can be used in conjunction with the “Sampling Instructions” field to easily indicate how and from where samples should be taken.

5.  The main user for each customer account (the Administrative User), can add, delete, and edit permissions for all other users in that account.

6.  The new AssetLink records geographic coordinates for each sample taken. This will be used in a future update to pre-populate asset lists based on location. The user has the option to add the geo-coordinates to an asset from the “Edit Asset Information” page.

7.  AssetLink allows many filtering options for “Assets” and also ties in with the “Routes” function found on DataSight. So, it allows many options to create worklists by applying filters.

8. It allows downloading and viewing of the most recent PDF sample report for an asset.

David adds, “The ‘Job Report’ feature is huge, and that isn’t even included in the 50-75% time savings; a work report can be generated in seconds that would normally take 1/2-2 hours.”

                All of these benefits are in addition to the traditional AssetLink features that customers know and love.

“AssetLink will be continuously improved.” David says. “We document all suggestions from our customers and add them to a ‘Requested Features’ list that is evaluated weekly. Updates are going to be released approximately every month. Customers using the new AssetLink have found that it delivers on the time savings and are integrating it into their work processes. I think anyone who performs oil and fluid sampling with Eurofins TestOil stands to benefit immediately from this free tool.”

                Watch the video to see how AssetLink works. Contact Eurofins TestOil for more information: https://testoil.com/trustplus-oil-analysis/start-testing-now/

The AssetLink app is also available in the Google Play and Apple stores.

For more information on working with Eurofins TestOil for oil analysis and training visit www.testoil.com. Contact: 216-251-2510; sales@testoil.com.

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