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Fluid Compatibility Testing at Eurofins TestOil

Almost everyone that has worked in the reliability field has either experienced or heard about a lubrication problem brought on by combining incompatible lubricants. Sometimes this is accidental, such as a leaking hydraulic line dripping onto a gearbox. Other causes are intentional, i.e.  the plant wants to consolidate the number of lubricants in use; the…
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Fuel Contamination Testing-Diesel Contaminated by Gas-Offered by Eurofins TestOil

Diesel Fuel testing offered by Eurofins TestOil includes contamination analysis. One common source of contamination in diesel is gasoline. Potential issues that gasoline contamination can cause include: engine failure, depletion of all lubrication, black smoke, and damage to the diesel fuel pump. While gasoline contamination is often suspected after an engine failure has already occurred,…
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Oil Sampling for Analysis Just Got Easier with the Eurofins TestOil Updated Sampling App

Eurofins TestOil AssetLink has always been an easy way for customers to manage their oil analysis programs by streamlining the collection and management of fluid samples. Now with updated features, it provides more key information and significantly improves labeling efficiency.                 Eurofins TestOil Reliability Concierge Program Manager David M. Gawelek, CLS explains, “The primary benefit…
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Gas Leak Detection and Air Leak Detection for Aviation, Manufacturing and More Conducted by Eurofins TestOil

Undetected air and gas leaks can have a wide range of consequences. These can include reduced equipment efficiency and performance, increased energy consumption and costs, and potentially hazardous safety risks to personnel and the environment.                 Eurofins TestOil Director of Industrial Services Micheal Shaw says, “The benefits of our acoustic leak detection service include early…
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Acoustic Imaging and Acoustic Monitoring for Railways, Mining and More Announced by Eurofins TestOil

Realizing the importance of the early detection of air and gas leaks, Eurofins TestOil now offers Acoustic Imaging/Monitoring and leak detection. By detecting and repairing leaks early, we can help our customers save on energy costs, improve equipment performance, and prevent potentially hazardous safety risks.                 Air and gas systems play a critical role in…
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