Fuel Analysis for Fleets: Which Fleets Need Testing?

Wondering if you should be fuel testing your fleet? If you want to ensure fuel quality, maximize uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and lower fuel costs the answer is a big YES. But not just any lab will do. Eurofins TestOil is the trusted laboratory of choice for more than 85 of the largest transit agencies nationwide, along with 2 Class 1 railroads and 100s of other businesses that depend on fleets.

                We are a full-service oil and fuel testing laboratory that serves the following fleet-dependent industries: transit agencies, trucking, railroads, bus lines, automotive, construction, mining, agricultural/farming, and many more.

                Testing the fuel for fleets is the most efficient, cost-effective means for implementing and maintaining a fuel quality assurance program.  Identifying fuel quality issues early can save thousands of dollars in avoidable repairs. Offroad and construction equipment is expensive to maintain; it costs even more when it is down and waiting for repair. Fuel testing can offset downtime by identifying issues before they lead to damage.

                Eurofins TestOil continues to be one of the fastest growing independent fuel and oil analysis labs. Here’s why:

  • Track Record - Eurofins TestOil has virtually no turnover among the technical staff; which represents over 150 years of collective academic and professional experience.
  • Competitive Pricing - Nobody consistently offers lower prices than us. We win over 90% of all competitive bids and almost 95% of transit contracts.
  • Independent Results – We are an entirely independent, nationally accredited laboratory with no competing or conflicting commercial interests. We do not buy, sell, distribute, produce, process, refine, or treat any of the products we test and analyze. Our analysis is based on scientific evidence rather than business considerations, and our advice is completely objective, unbiased and confidential.
  • Excellent Service – Our fuel analysis experts are available to answer questions and provide advice. When you call us during business hours, you reach a person, not a machine.

The bottom line is that we offer quality fuel testing for fleets, at a competitive price—all backed by world-class support. Read The Top 5 Reasons to Get Fuel Tested.

For more information on working with Eurofins TestOil for fuel and oil analysis for your fleet, or to find out more about training, visit www.testoil.com. Contact: 216-251-2510; sales@testoil.com.

About Eurofins TestOil

With more than 30 years of experience in the oil analysis industry, Eurofins TestOil focuses exclusively on assisting industrial facilities with reducing maintenance costs and avoiding unexpected downtime through oil and fuel analysis program implementation. As industry experts in diagnosing oil-related issues in equipment such as turbines, hydraulics, gearboxes, pumps, compressors and diesel generators, Eurofins TestOil provides customers with same-day turnaround on routine oil analysis testing.  For more information on partnering with Eurofins TestOil on oil analysis programs or training opportunities visit https://testoil.com. Contact: Michael Barrett 216-251-2510; sales@testoil.com.  

About Eurofins – the global leader in bio-analysis

Eurofins is Testing for Life. Eurofins is the global leader in food, environment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic product testing, and in discovery pharmacology, forensics, advanced material sciences and agroscience Contract Research services. Eurofins is also a market leader in certain testing and laboratory services for genomics, and in the support of clinical studies, as well as in BioPharma Contract Development and Manufacturing. The Group also has a rapidly developing presence in highly specialised and molecular clinical diagnostic testing and in-vitro diagnostic products.

With over 61,000 staff across a network of 940 laboratories in 59 countries, Eurofins’ companies offer a portfolio of over 200,000 analytical methods. Eurofins Shares are listed on Euronext Paris Stock Exchange.

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