Automated Asset Management: TestOil Oil Analysis Services

We just announced a new addition to our TestOil PRO portfolio of services; a work order writing service called Work Order PRO.  It significantly reduces downtime by creating action items based on a TestOil certified data analyst’s evaluation of results. Work Order PRO delivers seamless integration between results and the completed maintenance solution.  The five steps include:

  1. Accessing the system—including internal asset codes-- to determine what corrections are available
  1. Documenting report data and using that data to determine action items
  2. Developing and prioritizing work orders based on the data analysis carried out by TestOil’s experts
  3. Sending a follow up summary of all reports and work order numbers
  4. Ongoing feedback and adjustments to ensure the proper remedial actions are completed

                TestOil Oil Analysis Consultant Micheal Shaw, a TestOil PRO team member, explains, “We can remotely tie into the customer’s work order generating system and create the work orders within that system. You can track and see when a work order has been completed and that will help us with our subsequent oil analysis interpretation. While we keep in close contact with our customers, if all else fails, we will see the data and the results in the lab and can tell if there has been follow through on the work order.”

The many benefits of Work Order PRO include:

  • Action items recommended by an experienced CLS Analyst
  • Seamless integration of oil analysis and real world outcomes
  • Data-driven work order generation and  management
  • Minimal training investment
  • Work order feedback

                TestOil also offers Sampling PRO +, which combines all the benefits of on-site sampling and work order creation--ensuring reliability of sampling procedures along with corrective action.

                “People that take advantage of Work Order PRO really understand the benefits,” Micheal says. “It kind of breaks down the wall between analysis and maintenance.”

                To get started with Work Order PRO, visit: For more information on working with TestOil for oil analysis and training visit Contact: 216-251-2510;

About TestOil

With more than 30 years of experience in the oil analysis industry, TestOil focuses exclusively on assisting industrial facilities with reducing maintenance costs and avoiding unexpected downtime through oil analysis program implementation. As industry experts in diagnosing oil-related issues in equipment such as turbines, hydraulics, gearboxes, pumps, compressors and diesel generators, TestOil provides customers with a guarantee of same-day turnaround on all routine testing. With in-house, certified training professionals, TestOil offers lubrication and oil analysis training, private onsite training, certification training and exams, and educational webinars. For more information on partnering with TestOil on oil analysis programs or training opportunities visit

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