Acoustic Imaging and Acoustic Monitoring for Railways, Mining and More Announced by Eurofins TestOil

Realizing the importance of the early detection of air and gas leaks, Eurofins TestOil now offers Acoustic Imaging/Monitoring and leak detection. By detecting and repairing leaks early, we can help our customers save on energy costs, improve equipment performance, and prevent potentially hazardous safety risks.

                Air and gas systems play a critical role in many industries, including aviation, manufacturing, energy production, mining, etc. These systems are designed to operate reliably and safely, but they can be prone to leaks and malfunctions that can lead to costly downtime, loss in equipment efficiency, increased costs, decreased reliability, and safety hazards.

                The benefits of Acoustic Monitoring apply across many different industries. Eurofins TestOil Director of Industrial Services Micheal Shaw explains, “One of the many applications is the railway industry. Our Acoustic Monitoring system can be used to detect leaks in brake systems. By analyzing the sounds produced by faulty brakes, our system can detect any abnormal noises or frequencies that indicate a leak in the system. This helps prevent accidents and ensures the safety of passengers, crew members, cargo, and the surrounding environment.”

                Another application is mining where Acoustic Monitoring can be used to detect equipment malfunctions and failures. By analyzing the sounds produced by the mining equipment, our system can detect any abnormal noises or frequencies that indicate a potential problem.

                The Eurofins TestOil Acoustic Monitoring leak detection service uses advanced imaging and expertise to detect leaks in a variety of equipment, including compressed air systems, industrial equipment, pipeline systems, refrigeration systems, and HVAC systems. Our approach is non-invasive, efficient, sensitive, safe, and cost-effective.

                Our Acoustic Monitoring service follows a set of steps to assess your equipment and systems, calculate the leak rate, and determine the cost of the leaks. These steps include:

  1. Assess the equipment and systems – an initial assessment of your equipment and systems is conducted to identify potential leaks.
  2. Calculate and quantify the leak rate – acoustic leak detection technology is used to measure the sound intensity at the leak source and calculate the leak rate based on the rate of decay of the sound intensity over time.
  3. Determine the cost of the leaks– calculated based on the leak rate, the cost of the gas or air being leaked, and the frequency of the leaks. This can include the cost of the lost gas or air, as well as any indirect costs such as increased energy use or decreased efficiency.
  4. Present the findings in a report– receive a report that presents the findings of the assessment and calculation, including the cost of the leaks and the potential benefits of investing in leak detection.

                By following these steps, we are able to provide a comprehensive analysis of your equipment and systems and help you understand the financial impact of the leaks and the potential benefits of investing in leak detection.

                Acoustic Monitoring is the newest addition to our portfolio of TestOil PRO services, which also includes:

  • Consulting PRO: to determine the audit level required for you to achieve your program goals. 
  • KickStart PRO: a great way to implement a condition monitoring program or polish up an existing one.
  • Sampling PRO: for professional onsite sample collection.
  • Work Order PRO: to manage your work orders and ensure everything gets done.

                “Customers often choose to combine Acoustic Monitoring with other TestOil PRO services for a more comprehensive assessment of their facility’s overall reliability,” Micheal advises. “This allows us to provide our customers with a more thorough understanding of their equipment's health and potential issues.”

                Sample Acoustic Monitoring reports are available on request. Read more about our Acoustic Monitoring services or visit

For more information on working with Eurofins TestOil for Acoustic Monitoring, oil analysis and training visit Contact: 216-251-2510;

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