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Interpreting an Oil Analysis Report

Interpreting an Oil Analysis Report Oil analysis reports contain a vast array of information about your equipment and lubricant condition.  Understanding how the oil tests are performed and what the test data means will allow you to get the most out of your Oil Analysis Program. The oil analysis report is a vital tool for…
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A Special Note of Thanks

A Special Note of Thanks To Our Most Valued Customers, As the seasons change and the days begin to shorten, I wanted to drop you a personal note letting you know how deeply I appreciate your loyalty and trust you bestow upon us by choosing TestOil as your provider for oil analysis services.  I understand…
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Is Inadequate Performance Tracking Your Problem?

Is Inadequate Performance Tracking Your Problem? Does your plant celebrate the speed at which failure is repaired or the lack of failure occurrences?  Think about the purpose of your maintenance program.  Is your main objective putting out fires or are you focused on predictive maintenance?  Many plants tend to celebrate how fast a machine is…
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What Does Oil Analysis Tell Us?

What Does Oil Analysis Tell Us? Oil Analysis is capable of monitoring three distinctive parameters of your lubrication program.  By understanding these parameters, and the tests that can effectively monitor them, it is possible to tailor the most effective Oil Analysis program. Equally important is identifying the potential threats to both lubricant and machine condition…
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Oil Analysis Audit

Oil Analysis Audit An Oil Analysis Audit can help to develop an effective Oil Testing Program. By identifying critical equipment, selecting relevant test packages, and setting program objectives, the program will be productive from the onset. The following outlines the elements of a survey and key benefits that can be realized. Oil Testing Program Objective…
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50 lubrication failure modes

50 lubrication failure modes Understanding failures modes of our equipment, processes and individual components in the equipment is a very important function. Every manufacturing or processing plant has rotating equipment that is performing plant functions. When this equipment stops working, our processes cease to perform their designed expectations. The negative impacts are operations downtime, reduced…
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