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Oil Analysis Audit

Oil Analysis Audit An Oil Analysis Audit can help to develop an effective Oil Testing Program. By identifying critical equipment, selecting relevant test packages, and setting program objectives, the program will be productive from the onset. The following outlines the elements of a survey and key benefits that can be realized. Oil Testing Program Objective…
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50 lubrication failure modes

50 lubrication failure modes Understanding failures modes of our equipment, processes and individual components in the equipment is a very important function. Every manufacturing or processing plant has rotating equipment that is performing plant functions. When this equipment stops working, our processes cease to perform their designed expectations. The negative impacts are operations downtime, reduced…
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Crackle Test: Do You Know Your Detection Limits?

Crackle Test: Do You Know Your Detection Limits? The crackle test has always been an accepted test within the oil analysis community. With its roots in engine oil analysis the quick and simple test is considered effective in detecting over 500 ppm of water. But as you migrate away from engine oils into industrial oils…
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You always pass failure on your way to success

You always pass failure on your way to success Guest Blogger: Terry Harris, Reliable Process Solutions Last week I had the opportunity to present a webinar for Insight Services on the 50 Failure Modes of Lubrication.  We had a great online turn out and an even better email response after the event.  Since lubrication and…
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New TestOil booth debuts at Reliable Plant 2011

New TestOil booth debuts at Reliable Plant 2011 Our team was excited to debut our new TestOil booth at Reliable Plant 2011 in Columbus, Ohio today.  The first day of the show was a great success.  We saw several of our current customers and long-time friends, and we also met several new people. There is…
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Insight Services Unveils TestOil

Insight Services Unveils TestOil The Company’s Highly Regarded Oil Analysis Services Brand Takes Center Stage Cleveland, Ohio, April 18, 2011 – Insight Services, Inc., an independent provider of industrial oil analysis services located in Cleveland, Ohio, announces details of its brand TestOil, which represents the company’s full-service oil analysis laboratory services. TestOil offers a comprehensive…
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