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Gauging Acidity: Acid Number

Gauging Acidity: Acid Number Acid Number (AN) is an indicator of oil serviceability.  It is useful in monitoring acid build-up in oils due to the depletion of antioxidants. Oil oxidation causes acidic byproducts to form. High acid levels can indicate excessive oil oxidation or depletion of the oil additives and can lead to corrosion of…
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Karl Fischer Water Test: Quantifies the Amount of Water

Quantifying the Amount of Water: Karl Fischer Water Test If a crackle test is positive, further testing is needed in the form of the Karl Fischer Water Test. The Karl Fischer coulometric moisture test is a series of chemical reactions discovered in 1935 by the German chemist Karl Fischer. This method analyzes water in the…
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Crackle Test: Do You Know Your Detection Limits?

Crackle Test: Do You Know Your Detection Limits? The crackle test has always been an accepted test within the oil analysis community. With its roots in engine oil analysis the quick and simple test is considered effective in detecting over 500 ppm of water. But as you migrate away from engine oils into industrial oils…
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