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Oil Sampling Companies for Food and Beverage Industry

TestOil, an experienced oil sampling company for the food and beverage industry, understands the many benefits of oil analysis for this sector in particular. Surprisingly, some food and beverage companies are not performing oil analysis at all, yet they are all dealing with the same issues that could be reduced or eliminated with regular oil analysis.  These issues, which cross all lubricant types (USDA H1, H2, and H3), include contamination that affects hydraulic systems, grease systems, compressors, chiller systems, and conveyor belts—all of which are critical to operations.

                All food and beverage companies want to reduce the cost of manufacturing and reduce process variability while maintaining regulatory compliance.  The number one issue though is disruption control. And this is where regular oil analysis with TestOil is instrumental. Analysts will flag potential disrupters such as contamination and oil degradation the same day they receive the sample—effectively preventing damage before it can occur.  

                Lubricants for food and beverage operations need to protect internal surfaces to order to control friction, wear, corrosion, heat and deposits. They must also offer pump-compatible viscosity, oxidative stability, hydrolytic stability, thermal stability and resist degradation. The only way to know if any of this is actually taking place is through fluid analysis.

                Food and beverage lubricants are highly specialized and come with a premium price.  However, their cost and the cost of maintaining these lubricants pale in comparison with the cost of production downtime and/or quality reduction. In order to avoid this, TestOil recommends the following tests for food and beverage applications:

  • Water content
  • Particle count
  • Ferrous wear concentration
  • Viscosity
  • Metals
  • Additives
  • Oxidation
  • Acid number

TestOil is one of the most trusted resources for the Food and Beverage Industry, offering such valuable services as oil analysis program setup, onsite testing, same day oil analysis with CLS certified analysts, online program management, machinery criticality assessment and training. Contact TestOil now to find out more or get started: call 216-251-2510 or email sales@testoil.com.

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