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Oil Analysis for Chemical Companies

For decades, chemical companies have been relying on TestOil for oil analysis that delivers:  reliable and safe operation, no unplanned downtime or major failures, zero or low material waste and reduced operational expenses.

                TestOil’s analysis can pinpoint issues that allow customers to head-off unplanned downtime. In fact, a program of regularly scheduled testing that delivers guaranteed same-day turnaround on routine tests often eliminates downtime and associated issues.  

                Oil analysis with TestOil will detect contamination early and estimate the remaining life of oil and additives. Recommended tests may include:

  • Viscosity
  • Water content
  • Particle count
  • Ferrous wear concentration
  • Metals
  • Additives
  • Oxidation
  • Acid number/Base number

When determining what test packages to choose, factors such as the criticality of equipment and the operating environment should inform appropriate testing.  TestOil has the expertise to help with that.

Ask us about an onsite oil analysis audit, which includes a thorough review of your existing lubrication and oil analysis program.

                After the audit, we will help you identify a customized test slate and schedule for your equipment based on factors that include the machine’s criticality to operations.  We will then develop an effective oil analysis program that increases the reliability and availability of machinery, while lowering maintenance costs. 

                For chemical companies, choosing the right equipment and sampling correctly are two key factors for oil analysis program success. An accredited and experienced lab, such as TestOil, can help with that--delivering assurance that the test package will be comprehensive and consistently cost-effective.

                TestOil is one of the most trusted oil analysis providers for the chemicals industry, offering such valuable services as guaranteed same day oil analysis with CLS certified analysts, onsite testing, online program management, machinery criticality assessment and oil analysis program assistance.  Contact TestOil now to get started: call 216-251-2510 or email

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