Whenever we send an urgent sample overnight for next day results it is because we have a piece of equipment that we believe to have a problem that could cause a shutdown and we need to know as soon as possible what the lubricant looks like. The faster we get lab results, the quicker we can make plans to address the problem and avoid major damage to our equipment. We usually have maintenance people waiting to hear what the results are so we can make needed repairs or equipment replacements. Sometimes we may even have a failure and we need to know what the oil looked like so we can make plans to avoid that failure again. Other times we have equipment down for p/m and need to know lube condition quickly in case we need to change out something while we have a maintenance window to do that. No other oil analysis lab has been able to produce accurate results to us as quickly as TestOil. We also call the lab often for clarification of results and their analysts are always available and very helpful.

M. Appleton, Equipment Reliability, Chemical Industry