Oil Testing Kit Available from Eurofins TestOil

Eurofins TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant analysis, just introduced TestOil NOW, a sensible solution for smaller businesses, service sites, and plant operations that want to start incorporating oil analysis into their maintenance routines, especially during this period of onsite worker reductions.
          TestOil NOW is the simplest and most complete method for drawing oil samples, obtaining reports, and getting actionable recommendations from an analyst. It is as simple as this; users:
1. Purchase everything they need to pull the samples and send them to the lab, including prepaid packaging, without having to source supplies from multiple vendors.
2. Once the kit arrives, pull the samples.
3. Return the samples in the prepaid packaging.
4. Review the results—results are available the same day Eurofins TestOil receives the sample.
5. Consult with an analyst if needed.

 Test results will help determine:
• If the equipment is close to an impending failure that maintenance can prevent
• If the lubricant needs to be changed
• If the correct lubricant is being used
• If the plant’s environment is contributing to equipment issues

            After the sample is analyzed, any unusual results will trigger additional tests to pinpoint the exact issue. Eurofins TestOil never charges for these additional tests.
            Many companies have made TestOil NOW part of their regular predictive maintenance practices. For those companies that aren’t yet familiar with Eurofins TestOil’s outstanding service, TestOil NOW is a great introduction. To get started, visit https://testoil.com/testoil-now/. For more information on partnering with Eurofins TestOil for oil analysis programs visit www.testoil.com. Contact: 216-251-2510; sales@testoil.com.

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