DART: Immediate access to your oil analysis data!

DART: Immediate access to your oil analysis data!

Insight Services has designed a robust new web interface tool giving customers complete and immediate access to all past oil analysis data through DataSight.

With the new DART tool customers will no longer need to request past oil analysis reports - a complete history of data is available online.

DART features several useful tools including:

Summary Reports - Customers can view several past reports side-by-side to examine a machine's history and inconsistencies. Past reports can also be reviewed individually and customers can also log Corrective Actions and Analyst Notes on past reports.

Trend Graphing - This tool offers a convenient view of a machine's history through a trend graph. Graphs show a cumulative history of oil analysis parameters that have been detected.  Up to 3 graphs can be compiled in one view and printed or saved electronically as pdf files.

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