A Special Note of Thanks

A Special Note of Thanks

To Our Most Valued Customers,

As the seasons change and the days begin to shorten, I wanted to drop you a personal note letting you know how deeply I appreciate your loyalty and trust you bestow upon us by choosing TestOil as your provider for oil analysis services.  I understand that many businesses and their staff are facing challenging times.  Staff reductions and tight budgets are the rule of the day and, yet, through these economic hardships you have continued to support TestOil.  Your continued support gives us something that is in very short supply these days: CONFIDENCE.

This confidence has given us the fortitude to spend significant resources on expansion and product development to sustain our leadership position in the oil analysis industry.  As you know, banks are not lining up these days to help businesses with expansion projects.  Small businesses are forced to go it alone, which would be daunting if it wasn't for the confidence we have derived from your loyal support. This confidence also enables us to "pay it forward" by providing stable and challenging employment, increasing our staff size and ensuring that every one of our employees are provided health insurance and pension contributions.

I know you expect excellence out of us and I promise we will always strive to meet your expectations.  We are committed to continuing to provide you with our industry leading same day turn-around, impeccable data, and useful tools and reports to help you manage your oil analysis program.  We are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you get the most out of our services.  We are also committed to continually improving our offering and the value we deliver to you.   We know if we aren't getting better, we are getting worse.

Again, on behalf of all of the TestOil team members, we thank you for your business and I truly hope you truly experience one of our most important mantras - "We Care Enough to Take the Time".


Daniel E. Richards

President / CEO
Insight Services, Inc.

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