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Reliable Plant 2022—See you There!

Going to the Reliable Plant Conference & Exhibition 2022 in Orlando, FL July 25-28?  Be sure to set up an appointment beforehand or just stop by Eurofins TestOil’s Booth #439 to learn more, ask questions, and get solid support.  We created a video just for the event! If you contact us ahead of time, we…
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Oil Analysis: Eurofins TestOil’s 6 Ways to Improve Your Program Datasheet

World-class oil analysis programs are ever evolving to incorporate new technologies and associated best practices. Because Eurofins TestOil professionals are often on client sites, we have an excellent perspective on this.                 To address some of the ways we think many oil analysis programs could be improved, we created a downloadable datasheet: 6 Ways to…
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Bearing Lubricant Analysis Can Extend the Life of these Hard-Working Components

Bearings are designed so that there is no metal-to-metal contact under normal operating conditions, which would include proper lubrication. Because of this, they should have little to no wear by design. The key qualifier here is “proper lubrication.” There really aren’t lubricants formulated specifically for bearings because most bearings are used in machines that share…
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Oil Compatibility Testing: A Smart Way to Avoid Downtime

Not exactly sure what oil is in the reservoir, but it’s running low and probably OK to top it off with whatever’s around, right?  Wrong—but not always. So how do you know which lubricants are compatible and which are, well, like oil and water? There are really only two ways: 1.  Ask one or both…
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Bearing Failure and Wear: What are the Causes?

Bearings are amazing things and they are everywhere--from the most complex machinery to the simplest child’s toy.  Rule of thumb: If it moves, it probably has some type of bearing.   Most bearings do eventually wear.  How fast and how much they wear depends on a lot of things such as the type of bearing,…
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