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Oil Sampling Company TestOil Receives Lean Six Sigma Recognition

CLEVELAND, March 2, 2021-- TestOil, the industry leader in fluid analysis, just announced that they were featured in the Lean Six Sigma publication iSixSigma. TestOil President Mary Messuti said, “This was a big honor for us and one of the milestones in our in our continuous journey toward perfection. We want to thank everyone at iSixSigma…
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Lab Analysis of Used Oil v. Visual Inspection

Is visual inspection of industrial fluid enough? TestOil Data/Field Analyst Dwon Ruffin CLS doesn’t think so. “There are some issues that will be obvious by looking at the oil, such as water contamination, large particles and separation into layers,” he explains. “Other than that, there is not a whole lot you can learn by visual…
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Learn All the Basics of Oil Analysis: TestOil Offers Comprehensive Class

Virtual Comprehensive Oil Analysis March 9 - March 11 10AM-5PM EST Just getting started in oil analysis? Need to update your skills or just round out your knowledge?  Sign up for TestOil’s comprehensive online 3-day class, March 9-11, covering Lubrication Fundamentals and Oil Analysis. The training is invaluable for maintenance staff at all levels—especially PdM…
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Fluid Analysis for Electric Vehicles Announced by TestOil

Like their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, all EVs require several types of lubes, fluids and greases. While the performance requirements for EVs and ICE vehicles have some similarities, there are important differences that require specialized fluids and analysis.

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Online, Affordable Lubricant Maintenance Training Offered by TestOil

CLEVELAND Feb. 4, 2021  TestOil, the industry leader in oil analysis, just announced a leading-edge remote learning opportunity for anyone involved in lubrication maintenance that wants to improve their skills at their pace and on their schedule.The new program, called “A-Sync Learning”, includes 20-minute modules, some free and some with a modest fee, that range…
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What does AN/Acid Number Measure?

Are you 100% sure you know what AN (acid number) measures and what it reveals? Actually A LOT of things! According to Monika Malcolm, Analytical Services Manager for TestOil, “Acid number is measuring acidic components in the oil sample. These can include degradation products such as organic acids, esters, and salts as well as contaminants…
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