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Outsourced Oil Testing Alleviates Maintenance Staff Shortages

TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant testing, offers  full oil analysis program services  through TestOil PRO; from  program development to regular onsite sampling. This is a welcome relief to the many companies that are currently facing maintenance staff shortages.                 TestOil PRO services include: oil analysis program initiation and development, program maintenance, on-site sampling, work…
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Oil Testing: Expert Advice Offered by TestOil in 2 TLT Articles

TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant testing, is featured in two Tribology and Lubrication Technology (TLT) Magazine articles—one, “Avoiding Lubricant Contamination”, was  published in the Sept. 2021 issue and the other, “Controlling Lubricant Contamination”, will be published in the Nov. 2021 issue.                  TLT Magazine is the primary publication of the Society of Tribologists and…
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What is MPC Oil Testing and What Does it Indicate?

What is MPC Oil Testing and What Does it Indicate? The Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) test measures the color bodies of insoluble contaminants in lubricants. It uses solvent extraction to capture varnish and oxide insolubles from a fluid sample on a micron filter membrane (patch).  Varnish tends to color the patch and by measuring the…
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Prevent Sludge and Varnish with Proper Oil Flushes and Changes

Prevent Sludge and Varnish with proper Oil Flushes and Changes Waiting too long for an oil flush and change out can lead to operational issues that arise from the formation of sludge and/or varnish in the system.  These issues include clogging filters, sticking valves (or other close-tolerance moving parts), coated heat exchangers which cause reduced…
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Private, Customized Oil Analysis Training for Industries

TestOil offers an incredible menu of training options—literally something for everyone. For those who have specific requirements and unique circumstances, TestOil offers private training that can be onsite, virtual or both.                 In fact if, like many companies, you find yourself with surplus 2021 budget funds, private training is an excellent way to invest them…
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Portal for Oil Sample Test Data-Update Announced by TestOil

TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant testing, just announced a new, more robust platform for its trademarked DataSight customer portal.  While the primary value is the ability to seamlessly integrate new applications and functions into the portal going forward, enhancements that were instituted during the update process include: Searching and filtering improvementsMore intuitive navigationAlerts for…
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