Dedication To Education

Rock Solid Instructor
N. Petrulak, Plant Reliability Engineer, Steel Company
“My only regret is that I didn’t take that class sooner. You had a rock solid instructor with excellent training resources. With any luck I can justify the need to get that kind of training brought to my facility.”
Training Class Made An Impact
D. Angle, Reliability Team, Chemical Company
“The class and tour was excellent. We are meeting tomorrow to discuss improvements to our lubrication program. We are going to push for onsite training for our mechanics and operators.”
Training Class & Lab Tour Meets Expectations
E. Cruz, Regional Field Maintenance Manager, Waste Management and Remediation Industry
“Thank you for hosting the training class. The session was very well organized, professional, and informative. Hats off to the TestOil staff for being so willing to share their knowledge and experience. I have already given my report to the corporate staff on how pleased I am with TestOil and their ability to process and meets our needs.”
Training Spurs Improvements To Lube Program
W. Nichols, Reliability Engineer, Chemical Company
“We thoroughly enjoyed the class and the lab visit. We are going to meet with management to discuss many of the things we learned to improve our oil program.”
Training Class and Lab Tour Exceeded Expectations
T. Hannigan, Reliability Engineer, Power Industry
“Just wanted to take a moment to thank Karrie, Tim, and the rest of the TestOil staff for a very informative and enjoyable couple of days. The format and content of the training was great, and the lab tour was a good chance to meet everyone involved in the analysis process, and put everything in perspective. I’ll be requesting management to make future training available to the Techs. Thanks again.”
Articles, Books and Customer Support – Oh My!
T. Winter, Industrial Maintenance Technician, Food Industry
“Everything is going great. I’m liking what I see from TestOil and the ability to call and pick people’s brains is awesome. That, along with the articles and books I’ve got from you guys, has been a big help in getting a better understanding of what I need to be looking at.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2015. Headquartered in Wisconsin, they are one of the largest sausage producers in the United States.

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