Same Day Turnaround

Website Offers Useful Oil Analysis Trending Data
M. Jones, Reliability Services Manager, Lubricant and Fuel Distributor

Our business deals exclusively with oil cleanliness and additive life. Upon switching to TestOil as a single source provider for all of our testing needs, we immediately noticed the difference in customer service. Not only did our sample results get turned very quickly, but when we had any questions we had a great source to call in David Kirkwood. His level of expertise in the industrial segment along with the accuracy of reporting make doing business here ideal for us.

Their website is very user friendly allowing us to categorize our customers and do all the appropriate trending analysis. We love our relationship with TestOil and the helpfulness of its employees. We highly recommend them.

TestOil has served this customer since about 2013. The company, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the nation’s leading provider of lubricants, fuels, diesel exhaust fluid, and industrial reliability services.

They Do The Impossible!
B. Scherfling, Reliability Manager, Energy company
TestOil has been excellent to work with! We selected TestOil as our Oil Analysis Lab in 2005 after trying several other labs. The sample results are sent back to the site in what seems to be an impossibly short time. Any questions or clarifications are quickly addressed. The website has evolved over the years that makes viewing reports, ordering sample supplies, or interacting with the staff as simple as it can be. I would highly recommend TestOil.


TestOil has served this customer since 2005. They are an electric company based in Houston, Texas. It owns and operates a number of power stations in the U.S., all of which are natural gas-fueled or coal-fueled.

Testing Turnaround Time Has Proven Value
F. Rex, Reliability Manager, Metal Producing Industry
“There are several reasons why TestOil’s turnaround time is important us, but mostly it is related to the critical systems we monitor on a weekly basis. Sometimes this is due to the criticality of the equipment. Sometimes we have problematic systems that we need to monitor closely. We can always count on getting our oil analysis results from TestOil quickly, which allows us to react during the equipment downtime.”


TestOil has served this customer since 1998 and has processed nearly 50,000 samples during that time. They are one of the largest and most diversified specialty materials and components producers in the world with nearly 40 manufacturing facilities across the US.

More Than Just A Lab – TestOil is a Partner
M. Barkle, Reliability Leader, Producer of Commercial / Consumer Products
“In general we feel that the sooner we can notify the operating and maintenance areas of existing or potential problems the sooner they can plan and react to the problems. As a corporate Reliability Centered Maintenance group we try to highlight improved equipment reliability through good planning and effective maintenance strategies. Early detection of equipment health issues is a part of that planning. We have used many different oil analysis labs, but they strictly provided a service to us. We never considered our lab a partner, until we started working with TestOil. We have a great relationship with several of their analysts and can call them if we ever have issues or questions. This has made a huge difference in the way we approach and solve problems.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2000. This customer is a multinational conglomerate company that produces commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers.

TestOil is in a League of Their Own
M. Appleton, Equipment Reliability, Chemical Industry
“Whenever we send an urgent sample overnight for next day results it is because we have a piece of equipment that we believe to have a problem that could cause a shutdown and we need to know as soon as possible what the lubricant looks like. The faster we get lab results, the quicker we can make plans to address the problem and avoid major damage to our equipment. We usually have maintenance people waiting to hear what the results are so we can make needed repairs or equipment replacements. Sometimes we may even have a failure and we need to know what the oil looked like so we can make plans to avoid that failure again. Other times we have equipment down for p/m and need to know lube condition quickly in case we need to change out something while we have a maintenance window to do that. No other oil analysis lab has been able to produce accurate results to us as quickly as TestOil. We also call the lab often for clarification of results and their analysts are always available and very helpful.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2001 and we have processed more than 100,000 samples to date. The company is an American Fortune 500 company, engaged in the global manufacture and sale of chemicals, fibers, and plastics. Founded in 1920 and based in Tennessee, the company now has more than 40 manufacturing sites worldwide and employs approximately 15,000 people.

Consistency You Can Count On
J. Robertson, Maintenance Planning Technician, Cement Industry
“I appreciate the quick reporting I get from TestOil, but I really value their consistency more. If at some point your lab was not able to deliver samples as quickly that may not be as big an issue as consistency in the report availability. In other words, if your analysis time increased in the future (within reason) I doubt too many customers would be upset by that, but if sometimes it took 24 hours and sometimes it took a week and you were never sure when you would get your sample results, that would be a problem. Being able to tell my plant manager with some certainty how long it will be until we receive sample results from TestOil is very helpful for someone in my position. It is also helpful that this is pretty much automatic and I don’t have to call ask about the status of the samples while someone is waiting for an answer.”


TestOil has served this customer since 2008 and has processed nearly 10,000 samples during that time. They are a large cement company with plants and distribution terminals strategically located across the United States and Canada. They manufacture a variety of cements, covering a range of ordinary portland cement for traditional uses as well as white cement, masonry products, custom-colored, blended and slag cements.

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