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Annual Turbine Oil Analysis Report

Turbines are expensive! In fact, for many businesses, they are by far the single most costly piece of equipment. Given this and because oil is the lifeblood of turbines, regular oil testing is important.

Ideally, turbine oils should be monitored monthly with routine oil analysis. A routine test slate might include elemental spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy, viscosity, particle count, acid number, viscosity at 40, and water content. While this gives a basic view of the condition of the oil, there are additional tests that should be done annually or semi-annually to monitor key performance characteristics of the oil and help prevent unexpected downtime.

While turbine oil could last as many as 20 years, it can start degrading long before that. To that end, Eurofins TestOil offers an Annual Turbine Oil Analysis and report. The analysis looks at both physical and chemical properties of the oil along with common contaminants such as water and solid particles.  

The Annual Turbine Analysis includes the following tests:

      • Acid Number

      • Color

      • Demulsibility

      • Elemental Spectroscopy

      • Foam

      • FTIR Spectroscopy

      • Karl Fischer Water

      • Membrane Patch Colorimetry

      • Particle Count

      • Rotating Pressure Oxidation

      • Ruler

      • Rust

      • Ultra Centrifuge

      • Viscosity

    Eurofins TestOil Analytical Services Manager Monika Malcolm explains, “Running the more inclusive test slate in the Annual Turbine Analysis allows for a more comprehensive assessment of the lubricant’s health and can allow for better long-term planning of needed oil changes. Problems that we commonly find are failing foam, failing demulsibility, low RPVOT, and high varnish potential.”

    The 9-page Annual Turbine Analysis Report summarizes each of the tests and includes a detailed explanation of each test result. The report also contains a summary of findings, as well as recommended actions as identified by Eurofins TestOil analysts.

     “The format of the report includes a summary page with a section that lists all of the issues found, and a recommendations section that offers suggestions on next steps,” Monika adds. “The body of the report has a section for each test included in the analysis which has details on what the test is, why it is run, and the results for the individual sample.” 

    No turbine can perform optimally with degraded oil. The good news is that, with regular testing, that’s one issue plant managers can take off their plate.

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