TestOil's Annual Turbine Analysis

Annual Turbine Analysis

Turbine oils, particularly those used in steam turbines, are expected to last 10 to 20 years. During this lifespan careful monitoring of both lube oil physical and chemical properties, together with common contaminants such as water and solid particles, is required and should be performed annually. This is true not just of in-service oils, but also for new oils, which must meet rigorous performance specifications prior to selection and use in a new application.

Our Annual Turbine Analysis report is a 9-page analysis summarizing each of the tests we perform and containing a detailed explanation of each test result. The report also contains a summary of finding, as well as recommended actions as identified by our analysts.

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Comprehensive Turbine Testing TestOil’s Annual Turbine Analysis report is a comprehensive turbine test package that provides a detailed analysis of the health of your turbine oil and contains the following tests:
Analytical Test Method
Acid Number ASTM D974
Color ASTM D1500
Demulsibility ASTM D1401
Foam ASTM D892
FTIR JOAP Method, TestOil Turbine Method
Karl Fischer Water ASTM D 6304 procedure A and C
Membrane Patch Colorimetry ASTM D7843
Particle Count ISO 4406
Rotating Pressure Oxidation ASTM D2272
Ruler ASTM D6971
Rust A ASTM D665 procedure A
Spectroscopic Analysis ASTM D5185
Ultra Centrifuge IWI-251
Viscosity ASTM D445

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