Diesel Fuel Testing Lab Eurofins TestOil Explains How to Take a Fuel Sample

Testing diesel fuel can help avoid expensive equipment repairs, ensure that deliveries meet contracted specifications and prevent vehicle issues during the cold weather season. That said, getting the most accurate diesel fuel testing results starts with taking and shipping samples correctly.[1]

                First, make sure your sampling device and container are clean.  Glass is inert but requires more specialized packaging for mailing. A clean plastic container is fine as long as the type of plastic doesn’t readily degrade. Eurofins TestOil provides sampling containers in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, and one-gallon sizes.

                The most commonly used sampling device is called a Bacon Bomb.[2] It is a plated brass cylindrical device that will retrieve a sample from the bottom of a storage tank, tank car, drum, etc. in order to best detect contaminants. It is lowered into the tank, with a cord that can be pulled to allow fuel to flow into the cylinder. When sampling from a tank, it’s best to take one sample each from the top, middle and bottom of the tank—the composite will provide the clearest picture of fuel condition.

                If the fuel storage tank has sampling valves, samples can be taken from those.  ASTM protocol allows this–provided about 5-10 seconds of fuel is run out of the drain before filling the sampling container.

                Eurofins TestOil Laboratory Manager Dennis Falance explains, “We recommend testing of both underground storage tanks and above-ground storage tanks. Depending on the tank size, testing can be critical for complying with EPA regulations. Testing is also recommended for bulk fuel deliveries to ensure they are within specifications.”

                The optimal sample size will vary depending on the specific tests; one quart is a good rule of thumb. Be sure not to overfill the container – 80% full is a safe benchmark that allows for expansion of the contents.

                Because the properties of fuel samples can change quickly, samples should be sent to the lab as soon as possible. Dennis advises using approved sample containers and securing the lid tightly. “All information should be entered onto the Eurofins TestOil label,” he says. “Ensure that the sample is shipped in a proper shipping box and any federal guidelines are followed, i.e., only sending diesel fuel samples via ground shipping.”

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[1] For specific guidelines, review ASTM D4057, which covers procedures and equipment for manually taking samples and adding them to the container.

[2] Also called a pencil bomb or fuel thief.

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