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Most fuel is clean when it leaves the refinery (but not always). Transferring it to trucks and storage tanks exposes it to contamination.  Sources include damaged caps, seals and gaskets, dirty hoses and deficient handling practices. Fuel is also vulnerable to hot weather condensation and cold weather ice crystals.

                According to Eurofins TestOil’s Transportation Business Development Manager, Stephanie Boardman, among the best candidates for regular fuel testing are bus companies, railroads and transit agencies. “We also have fuel management companies that use our services complementary to the quality assurance programs they’ve developed for end users,” Stephanie says. “They test to confirm cleanliness of fuels and storage tanks for vehicles or generators.” 

                There are 2 primary reasons for getting fuel tested.

  1. As a preventative measure to ensure quality of products being received or delivered by vendors; to make sure the product meets manufacturing specifications and standards.
  2. If an issue is suspected due to an unusual odor or visible sediment. This is typically where Eurofins TestOil will build a custom fuel testing package based on the customer’s description of the situation. 

                Stephanie explains that fuel samples can be drawn directly from equipment, from new fuel before it enters the customer’s storage facility, and from fuel storage tanks—to periodically check quality.  

                Fuel tests currently offered by Eurofins TestOil include:

  • Microorganism Growth- Test Kit
  • Flash Point- ASTM D93
  • Water and Sediment- ASTM D2709
  • Sulfur Content – ASTM D5453
  • Ash-ASTM D482h
  • Viscosity at 40 degrees C – ASTM D445
  • Cloud Point – ASTM D2500
  • Pour Point- ASTM D97
  • Copper Strip Corrosion Rating – ASTM D130
  • Cetane Index – ASTM D976
  • Distillation Temperature – ASTM D86
  • API Gravity – ASTM D287
  • Cold Filter Plugging Point – ASTM D6371
  • Acid Number – ASTM D664
  • HFRR Lubricity-ASTM D6079

The Eurofins TestOil basic fuel package test slate includes:

  • Flash point
  • Water and Sediment
  • Sulfur Content
  • API Gravity
  • Cetane Index 
  • Distillation 

                    Eurofins TestOil offers many same-day oil analysis tests. Eurofins TestOil offers the most competitive turnaround times in the industry on fuel testing as well.

                    The bottom line is that it’s wise to test fuel after each delivery and periodically while it’s in storage. It’s a low-cost way to prevent machinery damage and prove regulatory compliance.

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