Most business owners want to do everything possible to ensure their fleets are running efficiently, while at the same time reducing the environmental impact and staying in compliance. Fuel testing is one way to accomplish these goals.

               Fuel testing can detect contaminants in fuel, such as water, dirt, and rust, which can decrease equipment performance and cause long-term damage. Fuel testing can also reveal the density and viscosity of the fuel

                Density and viscosity are key properties of diesel fuel. Fuel density measures how much energy is stored in a given volume of fuel, while fuel viscosity measures how easily the fuel flows. Fuel with a higher density contains more energy than fuel with a lower density, while fuel with a lower viscosity flows more easily than fuel with a higher viscosity.

                In short, fuel testing can detect the following issues and more:

    • Water and sediment contamination

    • Microorganism growth

    • Cold weather failures (filter plugging)

    • Fuel component corrosion

    • Compliance with state and local regulations

    • Proper fuel combustion

                Eurofins TestOil Senior Laboratory Manager Dennis Falance adds, “Regular testing of fuel ensures vendor compliance and helps to avoid equipment failure which can lead to potentially costly repairs and downtime. In addition, much like oil analysis, sampling deliveries and storage tanks can be important tools to ensure the fuel is meeting and maintaining specifications.”

                When choosing a fuel testing lab, it is wise to consider factors such as reputation, ability to test for a wide range of contaminants, and turnaround time for results. Results should also be provided in an easily understandable format.  A reputable provider will have extensive experience in the industry and a proven track record of providing accurate results. They should also be able to test for a wide range of potential contaminants.

                Eurofins TestOil meets and exceeds these qualities in addition to providing dedicated customer service support and customizable testing packages for individual customer needs.

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With more than 30 years of experience in the oil analysis industry, Eurofins TestOil focuses exclusively on assisting industrial facilities with reducing maintenance costs and avoiding unexpected downtime through oil and fuel analysis program implementation. As industry experts in diagnosing oil-related issues in equipment such as turbines, hydraulics, gearboxes, pumps, compressors and diesel generators, Eurofins TestOil provides customers with same-day turnaround on routine oil analysis testing.  For more information on partnering with Eurofins TestOil on oil analysis programs or training opportunities visit https://testoil.com. Contact: Michael Barrett 216-251-2510; sales@testoil.com. 

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