Fast Oil Analysis Results for Industry

Need quick oil analysis results? There are actually a lot of things in life that you can count on—for our customers, one of those is same day oil analysis results.  So no waiting around, no delays, no extra charges—just the results you need to take action the same day. We have been promising (and delivering) same day results for routine oil analysis tests for more than 32 years—one of the many reasons we have been growing so rapidly.              

Turnaround time is one of the most critical factors in oil analysis—second in importance only to accuracy. Every extra day spent waiting makes the results less relevant and the maintenance decisions less effective.  While this is all fairly intuitive, here is how two of our customers explain it:

1.  "In general we feel that the sooner we can notify the operating and maintenance areas of existing or potential problems the sooner they can plan and react to the problems. As a corporate Reliability Centered Maintenance group we try to highlight improved equipment reliability through good planning and effective maintenance strategies. Early detection of equipment health issues is a part of that planning. “

2.  "Whenever we send an urgent sample overnight for next day results it is because we have a piece of equipment we believe to have a problem that could cause a shutdown and we need to know as soon as possible what the lubricant looks like. The faster we get lab results, the quicker we can make plans to address the problem and avoid major damage to our equipment. We usually have maintenance people waiting to hear what the results are so we can make needed repairs or equipment replacements. No other oil analysis lab has been able to get accurate results to us as quickly as TestOil.”

Faster isn’t better unless the quality of the testing is unaffected. TestOil relies on the highest quality testing equipment, the most experienced analysts in the business, and proven, leading-edge methodologies to ensure everything that leaves our lab measures up to our high standards.         For more information on understanding your same-day oil analysis results, download our “Get the Picture” ebook:   Contact TestOil now to get started: call 216-251-2510 or email

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