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Troubleshooting Proportional Valves


Troubleshooting Proportional Valves

For several years now, economical proportional valves have been rapidly replacing expensive servo valves in many industrial applications requiring accurate speed and positioning control. Overall this has been a great benefit - proportional valves can quite often provide the necessary accuracy at a lower cost. Unfortunately, the maintenance personnel responsible for servicing these machines seldom receive the training they need to troubleshoot and adjust these valves. The result has been that, while the valves themselves are usually less expensive than their servo valve counterparts, the lack of maintenance training causes frequent expensive visits by contractors and dealer reps to keep the machines in service.

In this brief sample webinar, we will show the operation of the direct operated proportional valve and the steps to determine if the valve, the cable and the amplifier are good.

If you missed the live webinar you can are in luck! Below is the recording. Watch it as many times as you want.


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