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Time-To-Failure Data Analysis for Your Factory Equipment


Time-To-Failure Data Analysis for Your Factory Equipment

We have data, often an abundance of data concerning equipment failures. Failures per month or MTBF type measures do not reveal sufficient insights to understand the pattern of failures.

We need to know if the rate of failures is increasing or not, or if the maintenance program is helping or hurting the equipment long term. We need to understand the pattern of failures to properly align our maintenance strategy.

In this webinar Fred Schenkelberg, FMS Reliability, explores two ways to use the time to failure data you already have available (or should have). For repairable items the mean cumulative function and associated plots provide you the estimated the effectiveness of your repairs. Are repairs restoring the system to ‘good-as-new’ condition or ‘bad-as-old’ or somewhere in between?

If you missed the live webinar you can are in luck! Below is the recording. Watch it as many times as you want.


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