TestOil NOW Sampling Kit

TestOil offers our very own oil sampling kit for clients. It truly is an all-encompassing oil sampling kit. It has everything you need to begin testing on your site. 

Why The TestOil NOW Sampling Kit Comes In A Pail

The first thing you'll notice is that our testing kit comes inside of a white plastic bail. We picked a pail over something like a cardboard box because one of the best sampling practices is to purge the valve, the tube, or wherever you may be boiling oil. You need to place the waste oil in a secure location to do this. That's where our bucket comes into play. Our customers can place waste oil in a secured container and dispose of it properly. 

Unboxing The TestOil NOW Sampling Kit 

The first step in beginning the sampling process is opening the bucket and pulling out the inside divider. Once the partition is removed, you can take out all the essential items needed to conduct perfect sampling. 

One of the essential pieces provided inside the sampling kit is the booklet containing all the necessary information needed to complete your oil sampling. The booklet also has many tips and tricks and comes laminated so that no damage is done while performing out in the field. 

The testing kit also includes a vacuum pump, pre-cut tubing, and either a five-count or ten count option of sample bottles. The sample bottles come in four ounces and have prepaid shipping labels for your convenience. Once the sample bottles are ready to go, they will be shipped off to our TestOil laboratory for thorough testing and evaluation. 

TestOil NOW Oil Sample Kit Unboxing 

Purchase your very own TestOil NOW sample kit by clicking HERE.

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