Steps To Creating A Sustainable Lube Program

At TestOil, we offer an insightful way to create a sustainable lube program within your company. This framework is meant to help manage successful lubrication or oil analysis programs. This framework also consists of several genuinely needed points when starting or improving an oil analysis program. 

Who Is Going To Be Running This Program? 

When creating or rebuilding a sustainable lube program, choosing the right person for the job is crucial in moving forward with success. The right individual needs to champion the program and push things forward. 

Why Is Your Company Starting A Sustainable Lube Program?

To figure out why you are creating a sustainable lube program, you need first reflect on the types of goals you want your company to achieve. Some of those goals could be decreasing your overall carbon footprint.

What Assets Will Be Included In The Program? 

This step takes up the most time for our clients to decide which assets will be included in an oil analysis program. Some of our clients start with purely the criticality of their equipment. Meaning they pick the equipment with the highest criticality and expand the program over time as they get more comfortable with what they are doing. 

When Will The Program Start? 

The next step is deciding when you will begin your sustainable lube program. This is critical as every client should have a basic understanding of timeframes on program changes and what areas they want to improve and then move forward. 

How Is The Program Performing? 

It is vital to our clients that they are meeting their goals and expectations at this stage. One of the ways this is done is through our KPI reporting. These reports will provide an in-depth analysis of how the program is running.

The Final Step And Learning More About The TestOil Sustainable Lube Program 

It takes six steps to create a sustainable scalable lube program. Get the details on these 6 steps by checking out our “Critical Pieces to the Puzzle” ebook here.