Finding the right contractor to get the job done can be difficult for any business or company. At TestOil, our contractors are industry professionals who can get the job done right the first time around. 

From Service Pros To Contractors 

Our service pro team becomes contractors as they step foot onto a client’s site. This means that our clients are receiving the best value possible, saving them more in the long run as our service pro team has vast amounts of knowledge on and off the field. 

With our service pro team becoming contractors, you will get all of your questions asked. They are incredibly knowledgeable in proper lubrication and machinery maintenance. 

What Our Lube Contractor Can Do

One of the things our contractors do is oil sampling. They will come on-site and pull samples directly from your place of business. Once our contractors are on-site, they can begin a series of tests and maintenance check-ups to provide our clients with the intel needed to address problems and concerns. 

The other service our contractors can conduct is lube audits. Many customers have never dealt with a lube audit or have had one completed for their place of business. Our contractors can audit your business in a day, saving you time and resources later.

Our contractors will go around your plant and point out deficiencies that could mean trouble. They can also take samples and tell you how well you are managing your lubricants or how you’re transferring fats from one place to another. 

One of the other many values that our lube contractors add to our clients is inspecting their CMMS systems. When given a chance, our lube contractors will work with our clients to sometimes input work orders for the company into their system. 

Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck from Lube Contractors

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