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Extending Lubricant Life in Your Equipment Using Lubricant Analysis

"Extending Lubricant Life in Your Equipment Using Lubricant Analysis" is a live, and free educational webinar hosted by TestOil. Description: We’ve all heard about why lubricant goes bad: water, heat, air, metallic particulates, and other contaminants. Utilizing lubrication analysis can optimize the life of the lubricant used in various industries such as wind, paper &…
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Most Accurate Oil Analysis for Industries

Get the Most Accurate Oil Analysis with TestOil At TestOil, our goal is to help you get the most accurate oil analysis and other machine health readings that we can. We also want to make that process as easy for you as possible! Help Us Help You When you are setting up a program…
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How to Interpret Oil Analysis Reports for Industries

TestOil Industrial Services Many companies are struggling to get and keep good workers in their industrial plants, which means that they do not have the resources for laborers who take oil samples from their machines. This leads many companies to forgo their oil analysis even though they understand that there is a 10x return on…
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Oil Analysis Services for Industries

At TestOil, we want to provide the best service possible for our customers, and that includes offering advice and training on how to interpret the data reports that they receive on their oil samples.

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Filter Debris Analysis for Industries

At TestOil, our goal is to help our customers identify and solve the issues they may have with their machinery, ideally before they cause any problems. This way, you can avoid expensive shutdowns, repairs, or replacements.

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