What is the Best Method for Used Oil Analysis?

What is the Best Method for Used Oil Analysis?

If you could have access to the most powerful tools to identify your machines' conditions, wouldn't you want that service every time? There are so many methods available in the industry for used oil analysis, but it all has to start with one- Analytical Ferrography.

Analytical Ferrography

Ferrography is a way that we can analyze particles found in oil under a microscope. Without ferrography, addressing a critical machine condition is basically guesswork. So, eliminate the trial and error when analyzing your machine health and get right to the root of the problem with TestOil's industry-leading analytical ferrography reports, included in all of our services!

Why is Ferrography Important?

Ferrography is the best method for testing used oil for machine health is because it can pinpoint issues in your machine, even where normal wear and tear is excepted. A great example of this is with gearboxes. When analyzing a gearbox, you expect to see large amounts of particles.

However, when you see large amounts of wear being generated in the sample, that will trigger analytical ferrography, which will allow us to detect if it is a normal wear mode or a bigger concern.

Our customers have come to rely on our ferrography reports to sort of be their insurance policy to determine if they do have a real critical problem. Our services help by monitoring wear metals and so much more!

Learn More About Analytical Ferrography

If you are interested in learning more about TestOil and our Analytical Ferrography Reports, you can download our e-book, "The Forensics of Analytical Ferrography." You can also contact us with any questions and learn more by watching more videos like this in our video library.

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