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How to Interpret Oil Analysis Reports for Industries

TestOil Industrial Services

Many companies are struggling to get and keep good workers in their industrial plants, which means that they do not have the resources for laborers who take oil samples from their machines. This leads many companies to forgo their oil analysis even though they understand that there is a 10x return on every dollar they spend with oil analysis.

The TestOil Solution

Because so many people were struggling to find the people to physically take the samples, they started reaching out to us to retrieve the sample for them. This ended up really helping our customers out, so we decided to add it to our services.

Once we started going on-site to our customer's location more and more, we began to see even more benefits of us taking their samples.

Proper Sample Extraction

We know the benefit of proper sample extraction- you can do an OK job, good job, or excellent job when taking samples, and when we do it for you, you know you are getting excellent samples.

We know exactly how to take the samples, which ports are needed, how to run the machines while taking the sample, and so on.

A Fresh Set of Eyes for Red Flag Items

We have also noticed that when you go onto a customer's site, we are seeing their machines for the first time, whereas they see them every day. Because of this fresh view, we are able to immediately identify issues that the machine might be having just by looking at it.

We then take these recommendations and enter them into their maintenance management system as a work order. This brings our services full circle for our customers and allows them to get the full value and benefits of working with TestOil.

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