Lubrication Linear Regression Analysis

Lubrication Linear Regression Analysis

How to Determine Alarm Limits?

There are different ways to determine limits for various testing methods. Some of our customers have specific set static limits for their pieces of equipment, but we really suggest that linear regression for optimal results.

What is Linear Regression?

Linear regression, or trend analysis, means we are looking at historical sample data. This helps us predict future trends. We recommend using linear regression over static limits because we know that a variety of factors come into play, such as environmental, runtime, oil changes, etc.

We establish trends by collecting four or more sample points over a consistent timeframe so that when we collect more samples in the future, we can anticipate the results and determine if the results are unusual for a specific piece of equipment.

Why We Use Linear Regression Testing

Linear regression is a reliable way to test for machine wear and lubricant degradation. Wear and tear is natural, but we want to know when it is happening at quicker rates, so we can do a more thorough investigation to find the cause.

Learn More About Alarm Limits

If you are interested in learning more about alarm limits, you can download our eBook "Get the Picture." You can also contact us with any questions about our oil analysis services!

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