Varnish Potential Analysis Testing

Varnish Potential Analysis Testing

Is Varnish Damaging Your Machines?

Varnish can be incredibly harmful to your machines and, if gone undetected and untreated, can cause critical issues in production. Varnish cannot be accurately measured using typical oil analysis, so we at TestOil have developed a Varnish Potential Analysis Service.

What is Varnish Potential Analysis?

Varnish Potential Analysis testing is a way to detect varnish deposits that might coat the internal components of critical machinery.

What Causes Varnish?

The biggest causes of varnish in machines are oxidation and thermal degradation.

Which Industries Can Benefit from Varnish Potential Analysis?

We originally started providing this service for the power generation industry, our customers who had hydraulics systems, gas, turbines, compressors. However, many different manufacturing industries can benefit from Varnish Potential Analysis.

Benefits of Varnish Potential Analysis

  • Alerts customers of developing lube oil varnish problems
  • Measures oil's propensity to drop out varnish deposits
  • Promotes proactive maintenance and contamination control
  • Provides turbine users confidence at startup

Learn More About Varnish Potential Analysis Testing

If you are interested in learning more about our Varnish Potential Analysis services, contact us today with any questions and make sure to download our eBook "Outsmart Varnishing."

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